This intake can prevent dehydration

Lack of fluid intake during fasting triggers risk of dehydration . But with the right eating choices , hydration or adequacy of body fluids can be maintained throughout the day . What foods can keep body fluids wear out too quickly ?

Some foods that can maintain hydration is as follows , as quoted by the Huffington Post , Monday ( 15/07/2013 ) .

1 . cucumber
Cucumber contains 95 percent water , so some cucumber slices have the same benefits as drinking a glass of water . Selian it , cucumber also provide fiber and vitamin C intake , approximately 6 percent of the daily requirement .

2 . green salad
In addition to consist of 90 percent water , green salad also only contains less than 15 calories in each 2 bowls . Another useful is the content of folate , vitamin C , fiber and antioxidants beta-carotene . The content is great for maintaining healthy eyes and skin .

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3 . strawberries
The water content in strawberry fruit reached 91 percent , it’s helpful to maintain adequate fluid . In addition , this red fruit also contains vitamin C and B that can help the growth of new cells .

4 . watermelon
As the name implies , the fruit which in English is called Watermelon consists of 92 percent water . In addition it also contains vitamin C , especially the red watermelon contains lycopene . The content has antioxidant effects that could prevent cancer and heart disease .

5 . yoghurt
Plain – yogurt contains approximately 85-88 percent water . The content may vary depending on the type of yogurt consumed . Clearly , these foods also memnberi intake of calcium , vitamin B – 12 or riboflavin and of course probiotics .

6 . papaya
Composed of 88 percent water , papaya is helpful to maintain adequate body fluids . The size of the glasses also provide 3 grams of fiber with only 55 calories .


philosophy of Education

Education could have originated from before the baby is born as do many people by playing music and reading to babies in the womb in the hope he can teach their babies before birth .
For some, the experience of everyday life is more meaningful than formal education . Family members have a profound teaching role , often more profound than they realize , even though teaching the family members running unofficially .
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functions of Education

According to Horton and Hunt , educational institutions relating to real functions ( manifest ) . Masyarakt members prepare to make a living , latent functions as a container educational institutions , through education at school parents delegate duties and responsibilities in educating children to school .
Schools have the potential to instill the value of dissent in society . This is reflected by Danya differences between the school and the community about things , such as education and open attitude .
School education is expected to disseminate to their students to accept differences in prestige , privilege , and status in society . Selecting and teaching roles sosila .

Efforts to improve the quality of teachers

In the context of the development of the education sector , teachers are holders of the very central role . Teachers are the heart of education . Pulseless and active role of teachers , education reform policy sophisticated whatever remains will be in vain . No matter how great and modern as anything else an educational curriculum and strategic planning designed , if no qualified teachers , will not produce optimal results . That is , a good education and keep winning will depend on the condition of teacher quality . Several attempts to improve the quality of teachers is as follows . Teacher certification program actually starts from a hypothesis , that the teachers are professional and quality will be achieved if sufficient welfare . Instead do not expect a teacher to a professional , if welfare is not sufficient for everyday life . And then , it turns out the hypothesis that missed . From the statistical data mentioned that teachers recipient allowance big enough , it has not shown progress in the quality of the teaching process . They have not changed , mediocre teaching . Although they have received the allowance as expected the government to be a professional teacher with the criteria specified in the certification process . So according to the author there is a new hypothesis , namely ‘ the magnitude of the income of teachers is not necessarily the cause of the development of teacher quality in work ‘ . Certification is a certification process for teacher educators .

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The role of the teacher in the learning

The quality of the nation ‘s education largely determined by the quality of the teacher . Teachers are ‘ boss in the class ‘ . The teacher is the person face to face with students . No matter how great and modern as anything else an educational curriculum and strategic planning designed , if no qualified teachers , will not produce optimal results . This means that the wheel is named the school community strongly colored by the performance and quality of the teacher . The importance of the role and quality of a teacher by side with the many problems faced by the teachers . It is fundamental to the problem is the ‘ WILL ‘ to get ahead . If we believe there are no stupid students with multiple intelligences of the individual , then we must also believe that ‘ there are no incompetent teachers teach ‘ . It’s just the way it is is the reluctance of teachers to continue to learn and work well due to the absence of ‘ WILL ‘ to learn and advance . UNESCO emphasized in the report of the International Commission on Education for the Twenty -first Century , which states that ” improving the quality of education depends first of all repair the recruitment , training , social status , and working conditions of teachers , they need knowledge and skills , personal character , prospects professional , and the proper motivation if it is to meet the expectations of stakeholders of education ” ( Delors , 1996) .

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Avoid Beverages Sports Drinks

Unlike coffee , energy drinks contain caffeine which also sold more freely . Your little boy will ban drinking coffee , not so with energy drinks . This drink is advertised as an energy booster , and gravity there is no age limit information .

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U.S. National Library of Medicine issued the data , the dangers of energy drinks are 10 things that should be known .

1 . Consumption of caffeinated beverages in certain limits can cause death . But this is not the same formula applies to everyone , depending on the condition of your heart . For those who have a weak heart , the sooner reach the level of ‘ dead ‘ . Then suggested , check the condition of your heart and know when intend to consume energy drinks on a regular basis .

2 . Too many energy drinks can trigger some diseases of the head ( caused by caffeine ) , such as migraine , for example .Grosir Tas

3 . Most people use energy drinks to make it more awake , not sleepy . However, if misused , these drinks can lead to insomnia and even loss of concentration .

4 . Energy drinks also contain caffeine in addition to other substances are high in sugar . Frequency of eating them causes the pancreas cells that produce insulin quickly broken , and start threatening type 2 diabetes .

5 . If you are in treatment or outpatient treatment , avoid energy drinks . Some of the ingredients in energy drinks react with medications and exacerbate the negative side effects .

6 . In some cases , energy drinks can lead to addiction . Accustomed to feel more energized when eating them, and if you forget to drink limp body . Addiction is a gateway to a variety of diseases as mentioned earlier .

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7 . A study published in The Journal of American College Health shows : teens ( or young person ) who consume excess energy drinks are at high risk are more likely to have problems with health , self-mutilation , and even the law.

 8 . Too much caffeine from energy drinks cause some people anxious . A study in Australia found that just one 250ml bottle of energy drink quickly evoke feelings of anxiety in young people .

9 . Too much consumption of energy drinks can cause vomiting . This is compounded with the symptoms of dehydration , acid erosion of teeth , as well as inflammation of the esophagus .

10 . Although rare , it is possible some people could be allergic because of the ingredients in the drink energy drinks , ranging from hives to airway constriction .

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So the key is self control . Consumers need to have transparent information about the consumption of energy drinks and other caffeinated drinks ( plus other substances ) to be within safe limits . And parents need to understand what children drink .

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The benefits of social networking to find a job

If you ‘re looking for or want to change jobs , social media is also a great place to find the desired job . For that reason , many experts argue that social media can be a weapon , which would make the company focus its attention on you . However , at the same time , social media can also derail and it takes you away from the desired job .

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So , how to optimize your social media to get a job ? Here are six tips given by Brad Schepp , author of How To Find A Job On LinkedIn , Facebook , Twitter and Google+ .

Wake profiles that sell

Wake up professionally profile , which can sell yourself . For example , write ddan employment history education , which will make it easier for job seekers to find out what you’ve done so far . LinkedIn is the most appropriate place to do it all , but you can do it via Facebook , Twitter , or Google+ . Profile that you wake up will strengthen your position , about what you have accomplished . Do not forget to show the strength and expertise , as well as what you can offer to the company .

Join the network

Networking is important in the job search . Do not forget to join groups that match your skills . One way is by using LinkedIn . Through social media , you can find a group that suits your skills . Follow the group who were active and vigorous , then introduce yourself there . Wake up your own social world in the virtual world by providing useful content to your network .

Schepp recommend you to join a Twitter or LinkedIn account companies that are included in your domain . By joining to their social media accounts , you will get the latest information regarding recruitment , product development , and other rumors that will benefit you . If you only have Facebook , then do not forget to press the ” Like” or ” Likes ” of the company that you are interested and instrumental active in the conversation about the existing industry trends .

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Make yourself famous

How, by helping others in answering the questions , introduce yourself , and provide links to content that is provocative . Make yourself into a place that will they go when they need answers or advice. Answer the questions on a regular basis in the social media channels that you have, because in fact you are building your own empire in the realm of social media .

Find a job

Many websites out there that provide millions of jobs for job seekers like you . The benefits of this is to find a suitable job for yourself . Do not forget to increase your chances to find a job through networking on Twitter , Facebook , or LinkedIn Groups .

Do not ask for a job

While you ‘re in need of a job , but as much as possible lest you be seen to beg the work to others . Make a network with the right people and let them see for themselves how your intelligence , and that you are the right person to work with them . The trick , make a status that is relevant to your expertise on a regular basis , such as distributing information to a group that you follow , or share interesting things from the book or article that you just read .

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Develop a plan

It is important to bear in mind , that you are using a particular site as part of finding a job . In other words , you have to plan carefully when it’s time to create a profile about yourself promising , when the time to follow the group and active in it , and when you will follow certain corporate social media accounts . The point is , do not do many things at once in a day . Develop a plan systematically for the things you will do . If not , you will run out of time because of your disorder .

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New Year celebrations in china without fireworks .

The new year celebration is synonymous with world wide fireworks . Impact , air pollution increased dramatically every year we enter early . Recognizing this , some cities in China announced there will be no fireworks tonight December 31 .

Quoted from xinhua , , Wuhan City confirms the cancellation of fireworks in the city considering air pollution is getting worse in the past month . While Beijing still see progress . If possible , even a fireworks show can be removed when the Chinese people celebrate the Chinese New Year January 31 .

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Society welcomes this policy , although there is a dilemma . It was a tradition always set off fireworks when the Chinese New Year , it is a symbol expel evil spirits and avoid bad luck in the following year .

Fireworks containing various metal pollutants , in addition to sulfur . For example, barium is used to produce the green color , blue color -producing dioxin , as well as various components such as cadmium , lithium , rubidin , lead , and others .

Various heavy metals in fireworks allegedly increase the risk of disease . Dioxin for example , so the originator of cancer .

According to The Ecologist , when entering a new phase of the millennium celebrations in 2000 past the worst pollution world wide . Because fireworks are celebrated in all countries , then the Earth’s atmosphere full of carcinogenic sulfur compounds and arsenic .

Actually there is a new technology pioneered fireworks Walt Disney Company using more environmentally friendly materials . But the practice is not as easy as expected. Patent case raises new debate about the monopoly of production . The price is still expensive .

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For home fireworks manufacturers in developing countries , including Indonesia, apparently still in the same vicious circle .

Wider community wants happiness at the turn of the year , the cheapest way to use fireworks . Manufacturers benefit , the community is also happy . The case is still at number distended environment .

Another option that could be developed is the use of lasers . This technology is relatively much safer than air pollution . We can still laugh happily see the night sky full of color when hours fall in numbers without worry 12:00:00 by pollution and the risk of disease later in life .

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