The benefits of social networking to find a job

If you ‘re looking for or want to change jobs , social media is also a great place to find the desired job . For that reason , many experts argue that social media can be a weapon , which would make the company focus its attention on you . However , at the same time , social media can also derail and it takes you away from the desired job .

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So , how to optimize your social media to get a job ? Here are six tips given by Brad Schepp , author of How To Find A Job On LinkedIn , Facebook , Twitter and Google+ .

Wake profiles that sell

Wake up professionally profile , which can sell yourself . For example , write ddan employment history education , which will make it easier for job seekers to find out what you’ve done so far . LinkedIn is the most appropriate place to do it all , but you can do it via Facebook , Twitter , or Google+ . Profile that you wake up will strengthen your position , about what you have accomplished . Do not forget to show the strength and expertise , as well as what you can offer to the company .

Join the network

Networking is important in the job search . Do not forget to join groups that match your skills . One way is by using LinkedIn . Through social media , you can find a group that suits your skills . Follow the group who were active and vigorous , then introduce yourself there . Wake up your own social world in the virtual world by providing useful content to your network .

Schepp recommend you to join a Twitter or LinkedIn account companies that are included in your domain . By joining to their social media accounts , you will get the latest information regarding recruitment , product development , and other rumors that will benefit you . If you only have Facebook , then do not forget to press the ” Like” or ” Likes ” of the company that you are interested and instrumental active in the conversation about the existing industry trends .

Tas Murah

Make yourself famous

How, by helping others in answering the questions , introduce yourself , and provide links to content that is provocative . Make yourself into a place that will they go when they need answers or advice. Answer the questions on a regular basis in the social media channels that you have, because in fact you are building your own empire in the realm of social media .

Find a job

Many websites out there that provide millions of jobs for job seekers like you . The benefits of this is to find a suitable job for yourself . Do not forget to increase your chances to find a job through networking on Twitter , Facebook , or LinkedIn Groups .

Do not ask for a job

While you ‘re in need of a job , but as much as possible lest you be seen to beg the work to others . Make a network with the right people and let them see for themselves how your intelligence , and that you are the right person to work with them . The trick , make a status that is relevant to your expertise on a regular basis , such as distributing information to a group that you follow , or share interesting things from the book or article that you just read .

Tas Murah

Develop a plan

It is important to bear in mind , that you are using a particular site as part of finding a job . In other words , you have to plan carefully when it’s time to create a profile about yourself promising , when the time to follow the group and active in it , and when you will follow certain corporate social media accounts . The point is , do not do many things at once in a day . Develop a plan systematically for the things you will do . If not , you will run out of time because of your disorder .

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Tas Murah

Tas Murah


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