New Year celebrations in china without fireworks .

The new year celebration is synonymous with world wide fireworks . Impact , air pollution increased dramatically every year we enter early . Recognizing this , some cities in China announced there will be no fireworks tonight December 31 .

Quoted from xinhua , , Wuhan City confirms the cancellation of fireworks in the city considering air pollution is getting worse in the past month . While Beijing still see progress . If possible , even a fireworks show can be removed when the Chinese people celebrate the Chinese New Year January 31 .

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Society welcomes this policy , although there is a dilemma . It was a tradition always set off fireworks when the Chinese New Year , it is a symbol expel evil spirits and avoid bad luck in the following year .

Fireworks containing various metal pollutants , in addition to sulfur . For example, barium is used to produce the green color , blue color -producing dioxin , as well as various components such as cadmium , lithium , rubidin , lead , and others .

Various heavy metals in fireworks allegedly increase the risk of disease . Dioxin for example , so the originator of cancer .

According to The Ecologist , when entering a new phase of the millennium celebrations in 2000 past the worst pollution world wide . Because fireworks are celebrated in all countries , then the Earth’s atmosphere full of carcinogenic sulfur compounds and arsenic .

Actually there is a new technology pioneered fireworks Walt Disney Company using more environmentally friendly materials . But the practice is not as easy as expected. Patent case raises new debate about the monopoly of production . The price is still expensive .

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For home fireworks manufacturers in developing countries , including Indonesia, apparently still in the same vicious circle .

Wider community wants happiness at the turn of the year , the cheapest way to use fireworks . Manufacturers benefit , the community is also happy . The case is still at number distended environment .

Another option that could be developed is the use of lasers . This technology is relatively much safer than air pollution . We can still laugh happily see the night sky full of color when hours fall in numbers without worry 12:00:00 by pollution and the risk of disease later in life .

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