This intake can prevent dehydration

Lack of fluid intake during fasting triggers risk of dehydration . But with the right eating choices , hydration or adequacy of body fluids can be maintained throughout the day . What foods can keep body fluids wear out too quickly ?

Some foods that can maintain hydration is as follows , as quoted by the Huffington Post , Monday ( 15/07/2013 ) .

1 . cucumber
Cucumber contains 95 percent water , so some cucumber slices have the same benefits as drinking a glass of water . Selian it , cucumber also provide fiber and vitamin C intake , approximately 6 percent of the daily requirement .

2 . green salad
In addition to consist of 90 percent water , green salad also only contains less than 15 calories in each 2 bowls . Another useful is the content of folate , vitamin C , fiber and antioxidants beta-carotene . The content is great for maintaining healthy eyes and skin .

Grosir Tas

3 . strawberries
The water content in strawberry fruit reached 91 percent , it’s helpful to maintain adequate fluid . In addition , this red fruit also contains vitamin C and B that can help the growth of new cells .

4 . watermelon
As the name implies , the fruit which in English is called Watermelon consists of 92 percent water . In addition it also contains vitamin C , especially the red watermelon contains lycopene . The content has antioxidant effects that could prevent cancer and heart disease .

5 . yoghurt
Plain – yogurt contains approximately 85-88 percent water . The content may vary depending on the type of yogurt consumed . Clearly , these foods also memnberi intake of calcium , vitamin B – 12 or riboflavin and of course probiotics .

6 . papaya
Composed of 88 percent water , papaya is helpful to maintain adequate body fluids . The size of the glasses also provide 3 grams of fiber with only 55 calories .


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