Avoid Beverages Sports Drinks

Unlike coffee , energy drinks contain caffeine which also sold more freely . Your little boy will ban drinking coffee , not so with energy drinks . This drink is advertised as an energy booster , and gravity there is no age limit information .

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U.S. National Library of Medicine issued the data , the dangers of energy drinks are 10 things that should be known .

1 . Consumption of caffeinated beverages in certain limits can cause death . But this is not the same formula applies to everyone , depending on the condition of your heart . For those who have a weak heart , the sooner reach the level of ‘ dead ‘ . Then suggested , check the condition of your heart and know when intend to consume energy drinks on a regular basis .

2 . Too many energy drinks can trigger some diseases of the head ( caused by caffeine ) , such as migraine , for example .Grosir Tas

3 . Most people use energy drinks to make it more awake , not sleepy . However, if misused , these drinks can lead to insomnia and even loss of concentration .

4 . Energy drinks also contain caffeine in addition to other substances are high in sugar . Frequency of eating them causes the pancreas cells that produce insulin quickly broken , and start threatening type 2 diabetes .

5 . If you are in treatment or outpatient treatment , avoid energy drinks . Some of the ingredients in energy drinks react with medications and exacerbate the negative side effects .

6 . In some cases , energy drinks can lead to addiction . Accustomed to feel more energized when eating them, and if you forget to drink limp body . Addiction is a gateway to a variety of diseases as mentioned earlier .

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7 . A study published in The Journal of American College Health shows : teens ( or young person ) who consume excess energy drinks are at high risk are more likely to have problems with health , self-mutilation , and even the law.

 8 . Too much caffeine from energy drinks cause some people anxious . A study in Australia found that just one 250ml bottle of energy drink quickly evoke feelings of anxiety in young people .

9 . Too much consumption of energy drinks can cause vomiting . This is compounded with the symptoms of dehydration , acid erosion of teeth , as well as inflammation of the esophagus .

10 . Although rare , it is possible some people could be allergic because of the ingredients in the drink energy drinks , ranging from hives to airway constriction .

Grosir Tas

So the key is self control . Consumers need to have transparent information about the consumption of energy drinks and other caffeinated drinks ( plus other substances ) to be within safe limits . And parents need to understand what children drink .

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Grosir Tas

Grosir Tas


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