Chariklo – Asteroids with Two Ring

Ringed planet ? No wonder gun.
But , is there a more heavenly objects like asteroids that ringed pretty well?

The latest research shows that there are things like that . Astronomers find first ringed asteroid in the universe.

Felipe Braga – Ribas do observation on Chariklo , heavenly objects that orbit the Sun between the orbits of Saturn and Uranus do Observatories Nacional , Rio de Janeiro .

Chariklo is known objects denganm term Centaur , objects between the orbits of Jupiter to Uranus which have unstable orbits .
Centaur may be a comet or asteroid guns.

Observations on 3 June 2013, leveraging okultasi events , where Chariklo across the face of a star that is located far away in space.

When Chariklo crossing , starlight is dimmed , allowing astronomers mengobservasi Chariklo more detail .

Using seven telescopes, astronomers crew to mengobervasi more Chariklo shape and size by measuring the star dimmed when okultasi ever happened .

Braga – Ribas finds a strange pattern of dimming stars . It is suspected that the pattern is caused by the gas released by Chariklo .

However , in the end he knew that was not happening because of the peculiarity of gas , but because of two rings that surround the 250 km diameter object .

” This is very surprising , ” said Braga – Ribas as quoted by National Geographic , Wednesday ( 03/26/2014 ) .

Two ring their own width 7 and 3 yards.
Both are separated as far as 9 miles .

Braga – Ribas and his team named the ring Oiapoque and Chiu , based on the name of a river in the north and the south of Brazil .

There is a ring structure explain the strange phenomenon found in Chariklo 1997 to 2008 .
The object dimmed and the signs of the water in the form of ice disappeared.

Braga – Ribas explains, while the ring structure Chariklo are not visible to the human point of view on Earth .

When the ring structure visible from the point of view of people on Earth , then Chariklo will again appear bright and signs of the water will return terobservasi .

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5 FILM Horror More creepy than ” The Conjuring “

The latest film produced this year is ” The Conjuring ” by James Wan are to be commended . Considered to be the most sinister films this year , the film tells the story of Ed and Lorraie Warren (played by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga ) , two paranormal investigators who are called by the Perron family to investigate paranormal activity is going on in their new home . However , unnoticed by partner Warren , evil creatures which were in the house now instead turned to pursue them .

But of course , ” The Conjuring ” is not the only horror film adaptation of the actual events . We see a similar five other films :

1 . The Amityville Horror (2005 )

One of the most famous horror film adaptation of a true story , ” The Amityville Horror ” is made based on the book written by the couple George and Kathy Lutz .

In 1976 , the couple moved into a house in Long Island which is the scene of the horrific mass murder when a man brutally killed six members of his family in 1974 . Of course , creepy things start to happen when the Lutz family moved to the place they heard the voices of unseen at noon , feeling cold spots throughout the house , seeing visions of creepy and even watched their walls ” bleed ” with green slime .

Ed and Lorraine Warren original , of the film “The Conjuring ” , was invited to investigate the house . Lorraine then claimed that the incident at the haunted house is not a lie as claimed by some people . The place is very haunted and the presence of evil beings was very strong ; couple’s move after only 28 days stay in the house .

2 . The Exorcism of Emily Rose ( 2005)

To be honest , the movie ” The Exorcism of Emily Rose ” is a movie that is pretty creepy , and felt ten times more creepy when you know that the film was made based on the story of a German girl named Anneliese 16-year -old Michel .

In 1968 , what was once a carefree teenager began to show symptoms of trance . Over the years , Anneliese claimed gets hearing voices saying that he was ” cursed ” and will be ” tormented in hell . ” She stopped eating and torturing himself, and in 1975 , when her parents are confident that their children possessed some nasty creatures , two priests perform exorcism rites over a period of 10 months .

During that time , Anneliese rarely eat and in July 1976 he died of starvation . Both the pastor and Anneliese’s parents tried and convicted of the murder charges , and was sentenced to six months in prison .

3 . The Haunting in Connecticut (2009 )

In 1986 , Carmen Snedeker and her husband rented a place in Connecticut in order to be closer to the medical specialists who treat their son Paul ( 14 ) with cancer .

The family later learned that the house was once used as a funeral home , and shortly thereafter , Paul had a vision and began to see spirits . Snedeker family then began to hear voices and see shadows unseen spirits , with Carmen describes one such ghost ” very thin , with high cheekbones , long black hair and very dark eyes . “

All the more terrible when Paul was possessed and start attacking members of his family . Ed and Lorraine Warren were called to conduct an investigation and after an exorcism to rid the house of spirits , Lorraine told reporters that the incident actually ” much more terrifying than all the movies there . ” Gosh ! How horrible events ?

4 . The Entity (1982 )

” The Entity ” is one of the most horrible movie ever made , and the real story of the movie which was made even more horrible. Described as one of the most disturbing paranormal events ever, a woman named Doris Bither claimed he was tortured and raped spirits .

After the attack spirits countless , both physically and sexually , Doris paranormal investigators ask for help Kerry Gaynor and Barry Taff in 1974 . And the creature would not be bothered : Kerry and Barry watching moving objects in the home of Doris , a ball of light hovering , and even they see the apparition , though it did not strike Doris . After doing a lot of consideration , Doris moved from his home and he was no longer haunted .

5 . The Exorcist ( 1973)

” The Exorcist ” was bad enough , right ? Especially when the film was named as the most horrific films of all time by several magazines . But , how would you react if I say that the movie was actually based on a true story ?

” The Exorcist ” was adapted from the real exorcism performed on boy aged 14 years in 1949 . The child , whose pen name is known as Roland Doe , trying to communicate with her ​​aunt a few days after his death , by using a Ouija board and no doubt , some magical things start to happen . Furniture began to move on its own , scratching and knocking sound often heard at night and Roland bed shook violently and even float .

Roland neighbors began to realize that strange things happened in that house , and when the boy’s behavior changed drastically – she stay away from sacred objects and speak with the voice of Satan – some pastors are called to perform an exorcism .

They are reportedly doing more than 30 exorcism against Roland . A pastor said that he saw the word ” devil ” and ” hell ” that mysteriously appeared on the boy’s body . After the exorcism is complete , dinyatakanlah that Roland is back to normal . Of course the events in the film possessed it is overrated , but the original story is much more frightening .

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Theories On Earth Ever Trusted Man

Round Earth Theory

Yes , the idea of the most renowned of the theory of the earth is round, it is believed by most people until now . Initially, before the advent of this theory , the most widely believed theory is the Flat Earth Theory which will be discussed below . As we all know about this theory , this theory says that the earth is round like a ball shape ( though not completely round ) .

The person most associated with the idea of this theory is Phytagoras confirming the theory of Plato ( Greek ancient philosopher ) that the earth is round. But that probably most of us know is about Columbus’s voyage (to be discussed in the Flat Earth Theory below )

Flat Earth Theory

Never believed to 17th century , this theory says that the Earth is flat like a disc shape (disk ) . This theory is the mathematical believed to Greek and European ones believer earth is round. This misconception has also been trusted by Christopher Columbus ( Discoverer Americas ) , to break her own beliefs voyage . Therefore sebagi voyages also called ‘ Myth of the Flat Earth’.

In 1956 , a Flat Earth Society assembly that supports this theory is made. Even in 1980 , although there has been evidence that says that the earth is shaped like a ball, one of the people of this grouping named Charles Johnson publishes that it believed the earth was flat . This he got from looking at the flat surface of the lake water , it says if the earth is round so at least there will be a curve ( curvature ) in a body of water .

Hollow Earth Theory

This theory was triggered by John Symmes , a former U.S. Army captain in the war of 1812 . It believer that the world has a thick shell of 800 miles, with an opening at both poles and the number of layers in the range of cengkungan – cengkungan . Cengkungan this is where we and the animals live .

If you’re confused , imagine you see the stars at night, you certainly will see thick dark night is not it? Well, John Symmes say that what you see is actually the center of the Earth or our World .

 Fixed Earth Theory

You may recognize this theory as a theory geosentris . Fixed Earth Theory or geosentris theory says that the Earth was the center of the Solar System and all other objects in the solar system circling the earth as the center.

Remarkably, the theory of Ptolemy ‘s diargumentasikan survive in astrology chart for 1500 years . Until finally proved wrong by people like Copernicus , Galileo , or Kepler . Believe it or not , there are still people who believe this theory until now . If you meet these people , especially in a party or banquet together , you may need to rethink where parking offenses from your life.

Counter Earth Theory

There is no expiration on the existence of imagination ” Other Earth ” out there , Counter Earth Theory is one theory that says about this. It says that there is a parallel earth in this universe , we never see this because it is the exact opposite orbit our planet ‘s orbit and on the other side of the sun. This scenario is also available in the 2011 film , Another Earth .

If we think about the facts and the evidence that has been collected and have been there before, then we can say that this theory very unlikely. This theory in old age might still be acceptable due to the lack of technology to monitor, or endorsement mefoto go outer space. But with the advent of technology , we can prove that there is nothing on the other side of the earth orbits the sun .

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Prayer for MH370 Passenger

KUALA LUMPUR – The management of Malaysia Airlines , on Monday ( 03/24/2014 ) , reportedly has told families of passengers that 239 people on the Boeing 777-200 flight MH370 is believed to have been killed .

The statement came after , based on the findings and the various data during the last two weeks of search , it is believed the plane crashed in the southern Indian Ocean .

” With the management of Malaysia Airlines expressed regret we have to assume that the MH370 has been lost and none aboard survived , ” said Malaysia Airlines short message to the family , reports the BBC .

Earlier, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak also said that Malaysia Airlines MH370 flight ended in the southern Indian Ocean .

The statement was made after Chinese surveillance aircraft and Australia saw objects suspected MH370 debris in a remote area of the Indian Ocean , 2,500 kilometers southwest of Perth , Australia .

If the objects are actually debris MH370 , then this is the most concrete findings in an exhaustive international search operation for the last two weeks .

However, the search team stated , before the objects removed from the sea and checked , can not really be sure that the objects are fragments of Malaysia Airlines .

Meanwhile , the U.S. Navy has sent a black box search tool to search in the Indian Ocean region as a precaution if the location of the loss MH370 actually found .

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Tips for Men who want to wear a suit

Tips for Men who want to wear a suit

For men lean – super skinny

specifically for this guy better wear that suit one button ( though the limbs such as the chest and neck more plasticity ) .
ngepas wear pants or skinny all even better .
Create kemejannya better wear his collar that was to narrow ( if it’s too large , not by the thin neck ) .

For medium – bodied athletic Men

If this guy does not make no rules are too complicated , but do not wear the shirt collar is too tight ( would look too small ) .
to suit him better to use one button to two buttons . Do not wear pants too wide ( because the curve of the body will not be visible )

For a big -bodied guy

Make this guy better wear a suit that butonnya 3 or more ( so that the stomach is not very visible ) , can also wear a suit that ornamen2 many buttons .
For the shirt , it is not advisable to wear the collar is small. Pants and jacket motif garis2 will help shape the body look slimmer .

Additional tips
Coat color adjusted only for age . Make young people would be better off wearing a dark suit ( black and dark blue ) . Established for any color


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Flappy Bird Is Coming Back, Says Developer

hen asked on Twitter whether he’d ever put Flappy Bird back in the App Store, the games creator Dong Nguyen responded with the answer that many former addicts wanted to hear: Yes.

Of course, this all rests on Nguyen and him, you know, not lying and stuff–but as far as straight from the horse’s mouth, you can’t get any clearer than an unequivocal “yes.”

But not soon. Nguyen has continued to answer Twitter users’ questions this afternoon, but made no additional reference to Flappy Bird. It does look like he has at least one other game in the pipeline.

Earlier this year, it was nearly impossible to avoid the Flappy Bird phenomenon. A seemingly basic, even comically stripped down game took over people’s lives. It was addicting, not to mention difficult as all hell. The popularity of the game clearly took Nguyen by surprise, and he made the decision to pull the app from the App Store.

“I am sorry ‘Flappy Bird’ users, 22 hours from now, I will take ‘Flappy Bird’ down. I cannot take this anymore,” said Nguyen on February 8th. “It is not anything related to legal issues. I just cannot keep it anymore.”

But it looks like Nguyen has had a change of heart. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Flappy Bird was raking in $50,000 a day during the craze, according to some reports.

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Google Acquires Part Of Green Throttle Games

Grosir Tas Branded – Guitar Hero creator Charles Huang (along with Matt Crowley and Karl Townsend) announced the launch of Green Throttle Games roughly a year and a half ago to focus on gaming hardware. Its first project was a controller for Android devices.

Now, news is out that Google has acquired some of the company’s staff (including Crowley and Townsend) and some assets. PandoDaily reports that Google confirmed the acquisition, but did not disclose the terms.

Last year, Green Throttle announced that its Arena app (which offered games through its platform) would shut down in November.

The Green Throttle team has some important news to share. Beginning November 8th, 2013, our Arena app will no longer be available on Google Play or the Amazon Appstore for Android and all backend support for the app will cease.

Current owners of Arena and Atlas controllers will notice little change to functionality. For instance, they can still use the app to launch their existing games and their controllers will still function and behave as normal HID controllers would, even without Arena. Atlas controllers will even remain available for purchase. However, no more Green Throttle supported titles will be added to Arena going forward.

We’d like to acknowledge the incredible support we’ve received from our community. To everyone who has supported Green Throttle, whether it be as a player or as a developer, we want to say Thank You! We’re so grateful that you were able to join us in our journey to bring Android to the big screen; it has been amazing getting to know you all over the past year.

Tips to Make Homes More Fresh

Grosir Tas Terbaru – Indonesia is a tropical country , the sun twice as much compared to European countries . Sometimes sunlight into your home and make the room feel hot and hot .

Excessive heat of the sun sometimes makes homeowners slightly disturbed , the following information in order to how the room is not too hot .

Trick House More Fresh

1 . Ceiling made ​​higher

Ceiling of at least three feet from the floor , which is the goal so that air flows smoothly cycle . The distance between the floor and ceiling will make the air move more freely in empty space . This trick can be used to get around the house with a little land to help give the room a more spacious effect .

2 . Windows of houses on different sides

To be launched air circulation , laying the window should be adjusted to the incoming wind direction . If the position of the window is not in accordance with the direction of the wind that comes , could use a bit higher plants as pembelok wind . Put the plants properly so that air circulation is not obstructed .

3 . Pivot should be opened

Healthy Homes
Pivot open allowing air to enter more than opening up the system to wear down . In this way will make the air coming into the house more .

4 . Interior Design with the concept of minimal bulkhead

To circulate air evenly throughout the room , the interior of the concept should be done with minimal insulation . If you want to create a special space in one room , use a bulkhead that is not massive .

5 . Furniture placed appropriately

Placement of furniture has an important role to maximize the smooth rotation of the air . Do not put large furniture such as cabinets in the middle of the room , because it can inhibit the flow of air in the room .

Small Business Loans : Bank Loans On The Rise

It appears as if banks are loosening their grip on those small business loans, at last. At one point, just getting a mortgage loan was nearly impossible, but now it is getting easier, leading to the hope that the economy might just be ‘on the mend’.

It happened to Laura Benson, a small business owner, who unexpectedly got an increase in her business credit line via email from her bank.

“They just gave me the $7,000, without my asking,” Benson says. “Omigosh, just when I needed it.”

Another increase came from Wells Fargo, which was a pleasant surprise to Jeanne Beatrice, who was previously rejected for an increase request she made due to a slow sales period for her online basket business. At the time, the bank said the St. Paul, MN company didn’t have enough of a payment history on her loan. Six months later the good news came.

It appears the grip of fear is clearing, and bankers are lending again and small businesses are finding it much easier to get their loans and credit line increases. Banks are even courting company owners and giving them easier terms. Still, it isn’t up to the pre-recession years, especially when a business is young or considered risky. But post-recession lending is up, a hopeful sign for the economy because small businesses that borrow may be willing to expand and hire.

The evidence is piling up, as banks had huge numbers, $287 billion, in outstanding loans to small businesses in Dec, according to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Then in January, the money loaned to small businesses by banks, independent commercial finance companies and corporations, increased by four percent from last year, Thompson Reuters and PayNet indicated.

And, to add more evidence, Andrew Slattery, who owns 26 Valvoline Instant Oil Change franchises in both Carolinas did get loans for initial location purchases, but he also had to go through about 20 rejections. Banks are now making him offers of increases and he is finding it easier, and the requirements have eased up a bit.

“The turnaround time is faster. It used to take seven or eight months, where now it’s two or three months,” says Slattery, who just closed on a $10 million loan to refinance some of his locations.

Lisa Stevens, head of Wells Fargo small business banking in San Francisco, says that companies sales and cash flow are improving, and so are balance sheets, making it easier to offer them credit line increases when the business owner is in a better position to handle the debt.

In all, it is easier for established businesses to get loans and increases, however, for new businesses – you’ll still need to show that the debt isn’t going to put you into the red, and that your business has a promising financial future.


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CRISTIANO RONALDO (CR7) Indonesian Mangrove Conservation Ambassador

The Mangrove Care Forum has announced Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo as a new ambassador for conservation of the plant in Indonesia.

The project’s founder, Tomy Winata, has revealed that the Portuguese is expected to promote awareness of mangroves, which act as a natural sea barrier to fend off climate changes in the country.

“I’m really excited and happy that Ronaldo agreed to support our activities in order to preserve the mangrove forests in Indonesia,” he told reporters on Monday.

“Ronaldo is fit to be an ambassador for mangrove rescue, because he has the charm and acts as a role model, so the whole society are more likely to preserve the mangroves.”

Ronaldo claimed that he visited the country in the wake of the 2004 tsunami and saw first-hand how much of a difference the plants make.

“I feel privileged to play a role in the conservation of mangrove forests in Indonesia. I went to Aceh after the 2004 tsunami, and the damage caused has made a deep impression on me,” the 28-year-old stated.

“I realised mangroves are able to help ecosystems in the face of high waves. More lives could be saved, while reducing the destruction of nature.”


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