Tips to Make Homes More Fresh

Grosir Tas Terbaru – Indonesia is a tropical country , the sun twice as much compared to European countries . Sometimes sunlight into your home and make the room feel hot and hot .

Excessive heat of the sun sometimes makes homeowners slightly disturbed , the following information in order to how the room is not too hot .

Trick House More Fresh

1 . Ceiling made ​​higher

Ceiling of at least three feet from the floor , which is the goal so that air flows smoothly cycle . The distance between the floor and ceiling will make the air move more freely in empty space . This trick can be used to get around the house with a little land to help give the room a more spacious effect .

2 . Windows of houses on different sides

To be launched air circulation , laying the window should be adjusted to the incoming wind direction . If the position of the window is not in accordance with the direction of the wind that comes , could use a bit higher plants as pembelok wind . Put the plants properly so that air circulation is not obstructed .

3 . Pivot should be opened

Healthy Homes
Pivot open allowing air to enter more than opening up the system to wear down . In this way will make the air coming into the house more .

4 . Interior Design with the concept of minimal bulkhead

To circulate air evenly throughout the room , the interior of the concept should be done with minimal insulation . If you want to create a special space in one room , use a bulkhead that is not massive .

5 . Furniture placed appropriately

Placement of furniture has an important role to maximize the smooth rotation of the air . Do not put large furniture such as cabinets in the middle of the room , because it can inhibit the flow of air in the room .


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