Prayer for MH370 Passenger

KUALA LUMPUR – The management of Malaysia Airlines , on Monday ( 03/24/2014 ) , reportedly has told families of passengers that 239 people on the Boeing 777-200 flight MH370 is believed to have been killed .

The statement came after , based on the findings and the various data during the last two weeks of search , it is believed the plane crashed in the southern Indian Ocean .

” With the management of Malaysia Airlines expressed regret we have to assume that the MH370 has been lost and none aboard survived , ” said Malaysia Airlines short message to the family , reports the BBC .

Earlier, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak also said that Malaysia Airlines MH370 flight ended in the southern Indian Ocean .

The statement was made after Chinese surveillance aircraft and Australia saw objects suspected MH370 debris in a remote area of the Indian Ocean , 2,500 kilometers southwest of Perth , Australia .

If the objects are actually debris MH370 , then this is the most concrete findings in an exhaustive international search operation for the last two weeks .

However, the search team stated , before the objects removed from the sea and checked , can not really be sure that the objects are fragments of Malaysia Airlines .

Meanwhile , the U.S. Navy has sent a black box search tool to search in the Indian Ocean region as a precaution if the location of the loss MH370 actually found .

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