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White gold wedding bands for women category is seeing a higher sale in recent years. In fact, every design related to white gold jewelry is increasingly being purchased. The reason for this sudden shift from yellow gold and platinum is that white gold offers the required shimmering radiance similar to platinum. And still, the price is a lot lesser than platinum. As gold is considered as an auspicious metal, more and more people purchase gold jewelry for every special occasion. A wedding ceremony is the most important moment of every woman.

 jual jam tangan diesel original

With white gold wedding bands for women, you get the shimmering radiance required to enhance your personality and at the same enjoy the auspiciousness and elegance of gold jewelry. While there are thousands of elegant models and designs, here are three new and unique models wedding rings for women in this category. Diamond eternity band These diamond eternity rings are a perfect choice for women who are petite. The beauty of your slender fingers can be augmented with this beautiful model of white gold wedding bands for women. The actual ring comes in a 1.5mm width made of incredibly magnificent white gold jewelry. H-1 color diamonds with clarity of SI1-SI2 are studded into the ring in an intrinsic fashion. The total carat value of these diamonds is 0.30 carats. While most of the ring is studded with diamonds, there is a small portion left aside. This smooth portion enables you to resize your ring, in case of any alterations required at a later date. Diamond paisley wedding bands This is an incredibly fashionable design among white gold wedding bands for women.

The 14K white gold ring of 4mm wide is studding with radiant white diamonds in an alluring paisley pattern. The total carat value of these diamonds is 0.23 carats. The striking feature of this design is that it uses the antique style of design while being modern and trendy. While diamonds add up to the beauty of the design, paisley pattern augments that charm in a great way. Hand carved designer wedding band This is another stunning model from this category of white gold wedding bands for women. The seamless handmade design is carved on the entire band which is extended to its edges as well. The design of this ring is such that it allows jewelers to add another row to make it wider for women with large fingers. The same design is always available with yellow gold. This is truly an elegant design and speaks volumes of your love.


Chariklo – Asteroids with Two Ring

Ringed planet ? No wonder gun.
But , is there a more heavenly objects like asteroids that ringed pretty well?

The latest research shows that there are things like that . Astronomers find first ringed asteroid in the universe.

Felipe Braga – Ribas do observation on Chariklo , heavenly objects that orbit the Sun between the orbits of Saturn and Uranus do Observatories Nacional , Rio de Janeiro .

Chariklo is known objects denganm term Centaur , objects between the orbits of Jupiter to Uranus which have unstable orbits .
Centaur may be a comet or asteroid guns.

Observations on 3 June 2013, leveraging okultasi events , where Chariklo across the face of a star that is located far away in space.

When Chariklo crossing , starlight is dimmed , allowing astronomers mengobservasi Chariklo more detail .

Using seven telescopes, astronomers crew to mengobervasi more Chariklo shape and size by measuring the star dimmed when okultasi ever happened .

Braga – Ribas finds a strange pattern of dimming stars . It is suspected that the pattern is caused by the gas released by Chariklo .

However , in the end he knew that was not happening because of the peculiarity of gas , but because of two rings that surround the 250 km diameter object .

” This is very surprising , ” said Braga – Ribas as quoted by National Geographic , Wednesday ( 03/26/2014 ) .

Two ring their own width 7 and 3 yards.
Both are separated as far as 9 miles .

Braga – Ribas and his team named the ring Oiapoque and Chiu , based on the name of a river in the north and the south of Brazil .

There is a ring structure explain the strange phenomenon found in Chariklo 1997 to 2008 .
The object dimmed and the signs of the water in the form of ice disappeared.

Braga – Ribas explains, while the ring structure Chariklo are not visible to the human point of view on Earth .

When the ring structure visible from the point of view of people on Earth , then Chariklo will again appear bright and signs of the water will return terobservasi .

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Benefits of Dragon Fruit For Health

Dragon fruit is a fruit that comes from a type of cactus plant , which is the original habitat of moderate and south america . some people who mistakenly think that started when the fruit has been developed in Indonesia this coming from china . more detailed information about the history and origins of dragon fruit can be seen in the main article about dragon fruit avail . at the time of this article , I pingin inform any avail dragon fruit for health when viewed from the nutrient content in it .

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Just like that it had been informed at the beginning , dragon fruit is rich enough to vit . b1 , b2 , b3 as well . vit . b1 jamant very related to power production in the body , which helps the system benefits the metabolism of carbohydrates . however vit . b2 is very good for the children in their infancy as well as those who were sick , vit . This can increase appetite . for women who are very conscious to skin care , the vit . b3 is in dragon fruit can make a mainstay . not only can reduce the cholesterol content , vit . b3 can also make the skin so smooth and soft on the inside .

Not only can vitamin rich . b , dragon fruit is also a source of vit . c is pretty good . in 100 g dragon fruit are known to be less 9 mg vit . c . vit . This acts as an antioxidant that makes protection of cell membranes from free radical attack . like you recognize , the free radicals that will pioneer of cancer and many other health problems . besides that , vit . c can also speed up the healing of wounds and bruises on the skin .

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Avail fiber and other compounds in the dragon fruit

The fiber content in the fruit called dragon can be very high . each 100 grams of fresh dragon fruit contains nearly grams of fiber . but for dried dragon fruit , fiber content can reach 10 grams or more per 100 grams . not only good for digestion and can cure constipation , a diet rich in fiber can also lower the levels of bad cholesterol , reduce inflammation , and lower blood pressure . fiber can be digested slowly by the body , this matter can protect your own blood sugars stable . This is also the reason why the dragon fruit is good for diabetic patients .

Not only the whole that has been described earlier , dragon fruit is also known to contain as much calcium as well as phosphorus , which is a mineral that helps strengthen bones and teeth and the formation of new tissue . Another benefit is that first reported about the dragon fruit that can neutralize and remove toxic heavy metals , protecting eye health , and deal with arthritis and gout .

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