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White gold wedding bands for women category is seeing a higher sale in recent years. In fact, every design related to white gold jewelry is increasingly being purchased. The reason for this sudden shift from yellow gold and platinum is that white gold offers the required shimmering radiance similar to platinum. And still, the price is a lot lesser than platinum. As gold is considered as an auspicious metal, more and more people purchase gold jewelry for every special occasion. A wedding ceremony is the most important moment of every woman.

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With white gold wedding bands for women, you get the shimmering radiance required to enhance your personality and at the same enjoy the auspiciousness and elegance of gold jewelry. While there are thousands of elegant models and designs, here are three new and unique models wedding rings for women in this category. Diamond eternity band These diamond eternity rings are a perfect choice for women who are petite. The beauty of your slender fingers can be augmented with this beautiful model of white gold wedding bands for women. The actual ring comes in a 1.5mm width made of incredibly magnificent white gold jewelry. H-1 color diamonds with clarity of SI1-SI2 are studded into the ring in an intrinsic fashion. The total carat value of these diamonds is 0.30 carats. While most of the ring is studded with diamonds, there is a small portion left aside. This smooth portion enables you to resize your ring, in case of any alterations required at a later date. Diamond paisley wedding bands This is an incredibly fashionable design among white gold wedding bands for women.

The 14K white gold ring of 4mm wide is studding with radiant white diamonds in an alluring paisley pattern. The total carat value of these diamonds is 0.23 carats. The striking feature of this design is that it uses the antique style of design while being modern and trendy. While diamonds add up to the beauty of the design, paisley pattern augments that charm in a great way. Hand carved designer wedding band This is another stunning model from this category of white gold wedding bands for women. The seamless handmade design is carved on the entire band which is extended to its edges as well. The design of this ring is such that it allows jewelers to add another row to make it wider for women with large fingers. The same design is always available with yellow gold. This is truly an elegant design and speaks volumes of your love.



If you have been thinking of learning the violin so that you can relax at home with one of the most beautiful stringed instruments in the world, the first thing that you have to think about is how you will actually get the lessons you will need, so that you can expertly handle the violin. You have several options when it comes to learning the violin.
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The first option is enrolling in a music school, so you can get specific lessons on the just the violin. You don’t have to be a student majoring in music to learn the violin from a music academy or a university. In fact, many universities offer music classes to anyone who wishes to learn how to play stringed instruments, percussion instruments, etc.

Of course, these lessons won’t be exactly cheap, because you will be attending classes in a room with other aspiring violinists. If you don’t want to drive to your regular music classes, your second option is to find a violin instructor. A good violin instructor has seven key characteristics or traits:

1. A good instructor is able to show that he really loves what he is doing. He should also be able to demonstrate the breadth of his knowledge, as well as his passion for teaching people.

2. A good instructor is also competent in the subject matter. Instructors who have degrees in music, or have formally trained under known violin virtuous, are definitely more reliable than violinists who are self-taught, or have had no formal training. Of course, being taught by a professional musician is a completely different proposition altogether.

3. A good instructor should always be gentle and pleasant with his student. After all, you are his client, and no matter how harried or frustrated the teacher may be, he should still handle his clients well.

4. A truly competent instructor should also be able to imagine what it is like for the student. If an instructor is unable to put himself in your shoes during the lesson, the learning process will be laborious and difficult, I can guarantee that.

5. An instructor should also show that he values not just the money you give him as payment for his professional services, but also your time. All personal instructors should arrive on time, unless they have a really good reason not to. Coming in late is never okay, so if you happen to have an instructor who is always half an hour late, you should tell him to come earlier on your next lesson.

6. Another key trait of a truly effective violin teacher is creativity. Not every student can learn to read music after two sessions. Not every student can master the movements needed to create beautiful sounds. The instructor should be able to improvise exercises and lessons that will address the steep learning curve experienced by many students.

7. And, finally, a good teacher always encourages his student to reach out to other students and lovers of music. Enrichment through experience is one of the best ways to encourage a budding passion for the violin.

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If you do not have the time or the funds for a personal violin teacher, your last option is to sign up for online violin classes. You can learn a lot from competent teachers online, and the best things about these classes is that you won’t have to attend live classes, and you can view the videos and read the instructions from the teacher at your own pace.

Finding the best place to learn violin can spell the difference between sheer enjoyment at the prospect of learning new music skills, and experiencing difficulty in playing a new instrument.

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Tas Murah