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White gold wedding bands for women category is seeing a higher sale in recent years. In fact, every design related to white gold jewelry is increasingly being purchased. The reason for this sudden shift from yellow gold and platinum is that white gold offers the required shimmering radiance similar to platinum. And still, the price is a lot lesser than platinum. As gold is considered as an auspicious metal, more and more people purchase gold jewelry for every special occasion. A wedding ceremony is the most important moment of every woman.

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With white gold wedding bands for women, you get the shimmering radiance required to enhance your personality and at the same enjoy the auspiciousness and elegance of gold jewelry. While there are thousands of elegant models and designs, here are three new and unique models wedding rings for women in this category. Diamond eternity band These diamond eternity rings are a perfect choice for women who are petite. The beauty of your slender fingers can be augmented with this beautiful model of white gold wedding bands for women. The actual ring comes in a 1.5mm width made of incredibly magnificent white gold jewelry. H-1 color diamonds with clarity of SI1-SI2 are studded into the ring in an intrinsic fashion. The total carat value of these diamonds is 0.30 carats. While most of the ring is studded with diamonds, there is a small portion left aside. This smooth portion enables you to resize your ring, in case of any alterations required at a later date. Diamond paisley wedding bands This is an incredibly fashionable design among white gold wedding bands for women.

The 14K white gold ring of 4mm wide is studding with radiant white diamonds in an alluring paisley pattern. The total carat value of these diamonds is 0.23 carats. The striking feature of this design is that it uses the antique style of design while being modern and trendy. While diamonds add up to the beauty of the design, paisley pattern augments that charm in a great way. Hand carved designer wedding band This is another stunning model from this category of white gold wedding bands for women. The seamless handmade design is carved on the entire band which is extended to its edges as well. The design of this ring is such that it allows jewelers to add another row to make it wider for women with large fingers. The same design is always available with yellow gold. This is truly an elegant design and speaks volumes of your love.


Serimpi dance

Serimpi dance is a dance palace that tells the conflict between good and evil . Dance created by lane V is considered sacred because it is only performed at certain times , such as when the arrival of the palace guests , special warnings , or if there are certain vows of the royal family . In fact , if there are people who want to perform this dance , must obtain permission from the royal family .

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In general , dance serimpi have various variants corresponding musical accompaniment. There pandelori serimpi dance , which dance music accompanied serimpi pandelori . Serimpi dance procession motorcade , which uses dance as a motorcade procession gising musical accompaniment . There are also dance serimpi ronggowati . Ronggowati name is not taken from the type of music that accompanies , but the name of the main character in the dance .

The story in dance serimpi ronggowati taken from Anglingdarmo fiber , which tells the King broken-hearted because Angling Dharmo widowed wife named Dewi Setiawati . King then ventured Darmo Angling and transformed into a white grouse . When wandering , white grouse was taken by a girl . At that moment, a grouse then transformed back into King Angling Darmo and they eventually fall in love .

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There are several requirements that must be met for a person who wants to diving the main character in serimpi ronggowati dance performances . The terms include children aged 7-13 years and not menstruating . This provision concerns the dance script that tells a little girl who loved to play and finally found the white grouse that was perched.

When viewed from history , dance serimpi originally staged by four dancers , but dance serimpi ronggowati have different provisions . This dance is performed five dancers , four men acting as guards and one person acting as Ronggowati.

Tata serimpi ronggowati dance stage using four pieces of property in the form of a flower pot on the right and left sides . While in the middle , there is a replica of the tree and the bird that symbolizes the embodiment of King Angling grouse Darmo.

The music that accompanies the dance serimpi ronggowati in general is tetawa drum , while the dancers makeup can follow the pattern of the bride’s makeup Sultan of Yogyakarta Sultanate.

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Dance Culture in Indonesia

Culture article is an article that discusses a variety of things about the culture in the community . Article cultures can certainly give us enlightenment challenge things that relate to culture . As we all know that culture is very important for national identity . Here we present article tang dance culture dance challenge in culture indonesia.

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Dance Culture in Indonesia

Indonesian dance reflects the richness and diversity of tribes and culture of Indonesia . There are more than 700 ethnic groups in Indonesia : cultural roots can be seen from Austronesian and Melanesian peoples , influenced by the various cultures of neighboring countries in Asia and even Western influence is absorbed through colonization . Every tribe in Indonesia has its own particular variety of dance ; In Indonesia there are more than 3000 Indonesian original dances . Ancient tradition of dance and drama conserved in various dance studios and schools that are protected by the palace or government -run art academies .

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For classification purposes , the art of dance in Indonesia can be classified into various categories . In the category of history , Indonesian dance can be divided into three eras: the era of prehistoric tribal , Hindu – Buddhist era , and the era of Islam . Based protectors and supporters , can be divided into two groups , dance palace ( palace dance ) which supported the nobility, and folk dance that grew out of the common people . By tradition , Indonesian dances are divided into two groups: traditional dance and contemporary dance .

Thus our review of article culture . Above we have reviewed in brief article in Indonesian culture dance dance .

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