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White gold wedding bands for women category is seeing a higher sale in recent years. In fact, every design related to white gold jewelry is increasingly being purchased. The reason for this sudden shift from yellow gold and platinum is that white gold offers the required shimmering radiance similar to platinum. And still, the price is a lot lesser than platinum. As gold is considered as an auspicious metal, more and more people purchase gold jewelry for every special occasion. A wedding ceremony is the most important moment of every woman.

 jual jam tangan diesel original

With white gold wedding bands for women, you get the shimmering radiance required to enhance your personality and at the same enjoy the auspiciousness and elegance of gold jewelry. While there are thousands of elegant models and designs, here are three new and unique models wedding rings for women in this category. Diamond eternity band These diamond eternity rings are a perfect choice for women who are petite. The beauty of your slender fingers can be augmented with this beautiful model of white gold wedding bands for women. The actual ring comes in a 1.5mm width made of incredibly magnificent white gold jewelry. H-1 color diamonds with clarity of SI1-SI2 are studded into the ring in an intrinsic fashion. The total carat value of these diamonds is 0.30 carats. While most of the ring is studded with diamonds, there is a small portion left aside. This smooth portion enables you to resize your ring, in case of any alterations required at a later date. Diamond paisley wedding bands This is an incredibly fashionable design among white gold wedding bands for women.

The 14K white gold ring of 4mm wide is studding with radiant white diamonds in an alluring paisley pattern. The total carat value of these diamonds is 0.23 carats. The striking feature of this design is that it uses the antique style of design while being modern and trendy. While diamonds add up to the beauty of the design, paisley pattern augments that charm in a great way. Hand carved designer wedding band This is another stunning model from this category of white gold wedding bands for women. The seamless handmade design is carved on the entire band which is extended to its edges as well. The design of this ring is such that it allows jewelers to add another row to make it wider for women with large fingers. The same design is always available with yellow gold. This is truly an elegant design and speaks volumes of your love.


Healthy food for prime energy


1 . Healthy Food For Energy PrimaKonsumsi healthy food that is balanced with physical activity performed teraturmerupakan important factor for creating and maintaining the stability of the energy levels kesehatanAnda . Unhealthy foods and regular physical activity is a risk factor utamayang trigger chronic diseases like high blood pressure , sugar darahtinggi / hyperglycemia , abnormal blood fats , including obesity . And also at risk menyebabkanpenyakit heart disease, cancer and diabetes . Healthy food with good nutritional composition adalahjawaban for all ini.Anjuran Nutrition SeimbangBerikut are some of the things suggested by the WHO to maintain optimal health and tingkatenergi for everyone : •

Keep your energy balance and ideal weight are proportional . • Stay away from energy intake derived from fat are detrimental to health . • Increase consumption of fruits and vegetables , and nuts , seeds and beans as your healthy diet . • Limit your intake of sugar . • Consumption of salt beryodium.Nutrisi Important For PrimaBerbagai Energy research has found that makanantambahan substances , such as artificial sweeteners , colorings , and flavorings can cause problems kesehatanseperti aforementioned above . To that end , here are some important nutrisiyang to provide excellent energy body . • Protein . It is important for the growth and repair of muscle and other body tissues . • Fat .

And an important source of energy associated with the fat-soluble vitamins . • Carbohydrates . The main energy source . • Fibers . It is important for a healthy digestive system . • Vitamins . Water soluble vitamins and fat plays an important role in the body’s chemical processes . • Mineral . These inorganic elements are essential for the metabolism running . • Water . It is important for the metabolism and act as carriers of essential nutrients nutrisi.Dari above , here are some extremely important vitamins and minerals in the body to provide optimum energy to perform daily activities hari.Vitamin • B1 ( thiamin ) supports nerve function and useful for metabolism and energy . Found in spinach , green beans , tomato juice , watermelon , sunflower seeds , ham , and soy milk . • B2 ( riboflavin ) supports energy metabolism , skin and eye health . Is found in spinach , broccoli , mushrooms , eggs , milk , liver , oysters and clams .

2 . • B3 ( Niacin ) supports energy metabolism , skin health , nervous system and digestive system . Found in spinach , potatoes , tomato juice , beef , chicken , tuna , liver and shrimp . • B6 ( pyridoxine ) is important in the production of red blood cells , metabolism of amino acids and fatty acids . Is found in bananas , watermelon , tomatoes , broccoli , spinach , potatoes , rice and chicken . • B12 is necessary for the synthesis of new cells , helps break down the amino acids and fatty acids , nourish nerve cells . B12 is widely available in meat , poultry , fish , milk, shellfish , and eggs . • Biotin helps metabolize energy , fat synthesis , amino acid metabolism , glycogen synthesis and is widely used in food . • Folic acid supports the synthesis of DNA and the formation of new cells . Contained in tomatoes , broccoli , spinach , asparagus , and peas . • Pantothenic acid supports energy metabolism and is found in most foods , especially meats , fish , poultry , whole grains and sayuran.Mineral

Experts have yet to find agreement in classifying minerals , there are seven major minerals mengatakanbahwa or macro , and there is a mention of 16 types mineralutama to human health . Some important minerals such as calcium , potassium and zinc , are useful for the body to digest food , produce energy and regulate kolesterol.Kalsium , magnesium and phosphorus is important for healthy teeth , bones and joints .


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” Violence ” in World Education

Grosir Tas : Until now , not many people are watching on a pretty serious problem in education . It is associated with the publication of the book ” Symbolic Violence in Schools ” by Nana Martono , which has opened our eyes , that there is still violence committed in schools , either by unscrupulous elements from within and outside the school . If you hear the word violence , the brain will instantly record that it was physically violent , as it is often the case in Indonesia at this time .

From ancient times , violence has always been a major way to apply discipline in children . In boarding schools , school , and even at home , as if it was lawful violence . Most of it can indeed be a deterrent effect on the child . However , in most of the other violence even becomes a mental burden , psychological disorders , fear , and even trauma . Especially if it is applied to children who are still in the early stages of learning .

In reality violence is still common , especially in education . In Indonesia , for example , Islamic elementary students Sudirman , Cijantung , East Jakarta , experienced physical violence from her teacher . Dilakban his mouth until the wounds , because it is often crowded in the classroom ( 28 November 2006 ) . Jakarta 282 junior high school students also get the violence of English teacher , slapped for not working on a given task ( Ramadan , 2008) .

Seeing the above sequence of events , it can be interpreted that the concept of violence committed no disciplinary issues to the fore again . But more on personal psychological pressure , which was the action of the student have offended dignity of the teacher . Supposedly the teacher can be more mature in this regard . Physical violence as it will only have a negative impact .

This is in contrast to symbolic violence Martono Nana revealed , in his book comes from an idea of ​​educational sociology , Pierre Bourdieu . In the book the authors conclude , that symbolic violence is violence that is only a symbol , not a real , walking slowly , but very striking implications for psychology students or pupils . Like the class divisions that distinguish between class and class favorites are not favorites . More favorite class is filled with students from the upper classes ( the rich ) , and the favorite is not filled with students from the lower classes ( the poor ) .

Distinguish between upper class and lower class , meaning slowly been oppressing the poor . Of economic limitations , making stagnant school students . As a result , the brain is supposed to be geared and designed for the future instead stagnated , even regressive mindset . Children are supposed to excel defeated by the son of the ” connoisseurs ” .
Coupled with the emergence of BSE ( Electronic School Book ) , and restricted to the elementary students . Symbolic violence here in the book more accessible Indonesian . Indonesian subjects at the elementary school level , is a subject that is still in the stage of letter recognition , word and sentence formation compiled from existing objects in the surrounding environment of the child .
However , Indonesian BSE that support the learning process , even includes the language of the upper class ( rich ) , which is mostly unknown and terdapatkan in the children of the lower classes ( the poor ) . Like the mention of the name of father , mother , grandparent . The mention of jobs such as doctors , pilots , flight attendants .

The mention of vacation spots , beaches , Taman Mini , highlight , or even depictions of house plans that describe the shape of a car garage , refrigerator , washing machine . Elementary school students who have never known such words before , his imagination will be forced to spin , imagine anything that he had never seen .

Childhood is also planting the formation of moral character , and his memory response is strongly influenced by the surrounding environment . Very wide imagination relates to what he knows . The presence of BSE would remain positive and negative impacts on the child . If he was not introduced to something that was never known before , then it would still not know , or will know but in the long process .

However , if the child continues to be forced to accept what has become the rule , then maybe he even considers that what is in the surrounding environment is bad , is not included in the quality of education being taught in school .

First , the family that plays an important role in the formation of character and knowledge of the child first . Second , teachers should be able to direct students to the imagination imagination acceptable and in accordance with their capacity . How important is it rising BSE will not have any effect on the students , if there is no direction from the teacher . Only a handful of elementary school students who want to read their own school books received , this is where the role of the teacher is needed .

Not only a teacher who is smart and can control his students, but more will be required of teachers who really have a love of the soul devotion . Being able to generalize over the rights and obligations of the participant students .

Toko Grosiran Tas Murah Meriah Jakarta

Ladies, dunia fashion adalah salah satu dunia yang sangat lekat dengan wanita. Namun makin ke sini, fashion yang trendy seringkali makin sulit dijangkau, terutama dalam masalah harga. Well, sesuai dengan pepatah ‘ada harga, ada rupa’.
Sebenarnya, ada beberapa cara di mana Anda bisa mendapatkan pakaian yang murah, bahkangratis. Namun tetap dengan model yang fashionable. Yuk sedikit putar otak dan keliling kota atau lemari ibu kita dan menerapkan tips berikut ini.
Preloved atau Baju Seken
Anda bisa membeli pakaian seken di Roma atau ‘rombengan malam’. Sebutan keren ini ditujukan untuk pasar yang menjual berbagai barang bekas yang masih layak jual. Namun kalau mau beli di sini, sebaiknya cermat dan teliti. Apalagi kalau Anda membeli baju.
Namun kelebihannya adalah, Anda mendapatkan harga yang miring. Bahkan kalau beruntung, Anda bisa mendapatkan model baju yang kece dan klasik. Misalnya jaket denim, blazer warna-warni, sepatu vintage dan sebagainya.
DIY/ Recycle
Salah satu alternatif lainnya adalah dengan melakukan DIY atau do it yourself atau yang mirip dengan teknik ini adalah recycle. Misalnya, membuat mini dress dari celana panjang kakak laki-laki atau ayah. Atau kaos besar yang disulap menjadi crop tee. Suasana baru dari baju lama yang menyenangkan bukan?
Beli Borongan
Coba beli secara grosiran dan borongan. Selain mendapatkan harga lebih murah, Anda mendapatkan barang lebih banyak. Bila Anda kurang cocok dengan barang tersebut, Anda bisa mencoba untuk menjualnya kembali. Sehingga Anda tak akan terlalu rugi di ongkos.
Saat membeli barang, coba tawar pakaian yang Anda beli. Misalnya karena untuk sebuah kaos panjang, harga Rp 200 ribu terlalu mahal, maka Anda bisa menawarnya. Namun tawarlah barang pada penjual yang memungkinkan. Bila tidak, akan memberikan image yang kurang baik pada Anda sebagai konsumen. Untuk lebih amannya, keliling online shop atau toko di mana Anda sering membeli barang akan membuat pilihan Anda semakin banyak.
Bongkar Lemari
Coba bongkar isi lemari Anda. BIasanya karena sering menggunakan pakaian yang itu-itu saja, kita sering lupa dengan jenis pakaian apa saja yang sudah kita miliki. Lakukan mix and matchdan Anda akan menemukan penampilan yang baru. Bila perlu, coba tanya apakah saudara perempuan atau ibu Anda punya baju yang tak terpakai. Lumayan untuk tambahan koleksi yang vintage.

A Constitutional History of Jammu and Kashmir (Grosir Tas)

This collection of documents on Article 370 of the Constitution of India contains ‘temporary provisions’ with respect to the State of Jammu and Kashmir. This book presents documents on the five-month long negotiations which preceded its enactment on 17 October 1949. It explains the significance of the article, describes how it was eroded, and traces the Constitutional evolution of the State and its relationship with the Union of India thereafter.

Grosir Tas

It covers the period from 1946 to 2010. From Jammu and Kashmir’s accession to India in 1947 to the various negotiations thereafter, including Sheikh Abdullah’s arrest to the framing of the Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir, and the replacement of Sadar–i–Riyasat, this book examines in detail the little-known constitutional history of the state.

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How Children Learn by Playing??

The idea of children learning by playing may seem outrageous to some parents and educational institutions, which firmly believe that learning is all about getting good grades in school. Here, we talk about how the focus of learning goes beyond grades, and how kids can be taught some of the most complex concepts simply by playing and engaging in some activities.
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The concept of learning by playing is not new. In fact, for ages, children have been taught highly complex concepts by means of games and activities – concepts that they wouldn’t have otherwise grasped. Such games and activities enhance personal learning and development that no book can provide. It is true that a school provides education, but knowledge is subjective and can be increased and improved by means of some very simple methods such as playing games. There are so many things that you have your kids do, without realizing the kind of message it is imparting to them, or the kind of effect it has on their minds. Playing particularly has a positive effect on kids and helps develop their personality and skills.

What Children Learn By Playing

Instead of having kids cram information and simply talking to them about various concepts, parents, along with several educational institutions, are adopting the art of teaching by playing with children. This, they believe, is a better way of inculcating not only concepts but also essential values, particularly in the most formative stages of a child’s life. It is human nature to learn by experience, rather than when told or explained by someone else. Children should be allowed to learn from the consequences of their actions, and then realize why they were or weren’t asked to do something. With parent and teacher participation and involvement, for children, learning can be made fun rather than a mundane, stressful task that emphasizes only on cramming as much information as possible.
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A lot of concepts that education cannot impart are taught by the simple act of engaging in various indoor and outdoor activities. Here’s what kids learn when they engage in such activities:

  • By being allowed to play, children are free to explore their surroundings and develop experiences that are unique to them.
  • They learn to take control and are capable of making their own decisions.
  • They learn to respect rules and the choice of others around them.
  • Children learn how to use their imagination in play and this helps develop creativity. The use of imagination also helps them shut out unpleasantness and tackle inherent fears.
  • Free play allows kids to indulge and appease their inquisitiveness.
  • Interactions with others help develop communication skills and aid personality development.
  • The involvement of parents in the entire process helps strengthen the bond between the child and parent, as children learn how to share their experiences with their parents.

Examples of How Children Learn by Playing

  • Why are kids taught mathematics on the Abacus before they are taught it in the classroom? It is because the abacus lays a strong foundation upon which the subject revolves. The basics of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division are all taught on this colorful tool, where kids learn how these concepts work by manually moving the beads. This makes it a playful activity that allows learning by playing.
  • Board games such as Monopoly teach children how to use money wisely at a young age. It teaches them how to carry out transactions, and how to make decisions for themselves. Games such as Scrabble help children strategize and score more points by placing appropriate letters in the right spots.
  • In the digital age, a lot of educational computer games and video games have been designed to teach children basic concepts such as strategy, the importance of teamwork, along with enhancing focus and concentration. Some schools in the US have started allowing kids to design video games that help them learn in the process of designing.
  • In the classroom, children are also taught the power of healthy communication, of group effort, and the benefits of team building. It teaches children not only to function as a group, but to lead and manage large groups of people, thereby helping them develop leadership skills.
  • Similar is the case with outdoor games and activities. Being the captain of a football team teaches a child how to lead, manage and achieve goals by means of the aforementioned concepts. In activities like camping, children are taught the importance of nature, and the value of having the comfort of a home and a bed, when they are roughing it up outdoors.

Encouraging Learning by Playing

In order to encourage learning by playing, it is important that kids be allowed to learn in their own way. There is a difference between guiding and pressurizing, and as a parent/teacher, you ought to know where to draw the line. Here are some guidelines that will help you aid learning through the process of playing.

  • The activities and games introduced to children should be age-appropriate.
  • The activity that kids are allowed should be divided into structured and unstructured play. This means, say for 30 minutes, an adult should be guiding kids in their activities, and for another 30 minutes, the child should be allowed to do what he pleases, i.e. free play.
  • Schools should allot specific periods for children to free play and engage in teacher-led activities. This can be a time for structured play, during which they can enhance communication and other skills.
  • They should be allowed to be in control of the situation, even during structured play. This helps them develop their own methods of working on different activities.
  • A child should be allowed to indulge in play for as long as he wants to, and should not be forced to sit through a period of play just because it has been allotted. What is meant to be a fun activity to aid learning should not get frustrating for the child. 

Jual Tas 

All in all, this idea of enabling children to learn by playing can be implemented in different manners. Not all children take to a particular activity and may have other ways of imbibing knowledge and wisdom. Yet, this is a very effective way of laying a strong foundation of concepts that are not taught by books to children. There is a lot for children to learn in life, and though not everything, playing with children and teaching them in the process will be highly beneficial to all of them.

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Jogging Makes Smart People increasingly

Japan – Jogging or running well liked because it is easy to do and cheap. In addition to creating a healthy body , diligently doing jogging also can make people more intelligent .

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Some modern research has categorized jogging as a sport suitable for all age groups do , because it requires no equipment and special requirements to do so .

Not only that , the study also found that jogging is done regularly and consistently can also be brain exercises can improve intellectual ability .

” Jogging is not only beneficial for the muscles but also your brain , ” explains Dr. kisou Kubota , study leader of Nihon Fukushi University in Handa , Japan , as reported by Preventdisease , Thursday ( 30/12/2010 ) .

According to Dr. Kubota , the results showed that people who regularly jog may have improved memory , mental ability and cognitive function were significant . This exercise can also help memerangui depression .

In this study , Dr. Kubota team studied seven healthy young people to start jogging for 30 minutes , 2 to 3 times a week for at least 12 weeks .

Tas Fashion 

Each participant also underwent a series of complex computer -based tests , to compare the ability of memory before and after the program is done jogging .

The result , after 12 weeks of jogging , test scores are significantly increased . It shows that jogging not only provide health benefits to the body , but also in the brain .

The reason how this exercise can strengthen the mental acuity is not yet clear , but previous studies showed that jogging can maintain healthy blood flow and oxygen to protect the brain .

” One day the results of this study can help doctors and find ways that jogging exercise can help Alzheimer’s patients to improve cognitive function , ” concludes Dr. Kubota .


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Tas Fashion

Tas Fashion

Caution , make potbelly Reduced Brain

This is a reminder for those who feel her more ” elastic ” or belly ring continues to ” swell ” . Recent findings reveal experts in America , big belly ring can make your brain shrink !

Toko Tas 

” Overweight or obesity is closely associated with increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes, which are also associated with disturbances in cognitive ability , ” says Antonio Convit , researchers from New York University School of Medicine.

In his study , Convit want to make sure whether obesity also has a direct impact on the physical structure of the human brain .

As part of risetnya , it uses the method of imaging magnetic resonance imaging ( MRI ) to compare the brains of 44 volunteers and 19 obese volunteers slender body . Volunteers are involved in the study of age and have similar backgrounds .

Toko Tas 

The results showed , those who are obese have more fluid in the amygdala , the brain region involved in feeding behavior . Research also indicates the size of the smaller orbitofrontal cortices in large stomach twisted volunteers . The orbitofrontal cortices as critical to control impulses and behavior of participating in a meal.

” That means that only a few neuronal cells ( the volunteers berobesitas ) , or the neuronal cells shrink , ” says Convit as quoted by New Scientist .
Toko Tas 

Diabetes and cognitive disorders
Based on the literature of health , functional insulin – regulate the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats in the body , also serves to control of supply of dopamine to the brain . Dopamine is a neurotransmitter substance of the brain needed to focus attention , appreciation , and motor activity .

Lack of insulin can interfere with the activity of dopamine that result in a disruption of the brain such as depression , Parkinson’s disease , schizophrenia , and attention – deficit hyperactivity disorder ( ADHD ) .

These studies are grown now assert that changing lifestyle factors, particularly doing exercise regularly , may be an effective way to defuse the risk of brain disorders in old age.

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Toko Tas

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