This is the Greatest Secrets Women



This is the Greatest Secrets Women

1 . If a woman says she is sad , but he did not meneteskanairmata , it means she ‘s crying in her heart .

2 . When she ignores you after you hurt her , more baikkamu give him time to calm her before you reprimand denganucapan sorry.

3 . Women hard to find something he hated about the most diasayang ( because it’s a lot of women who are broken-hearted when the relationship broke up the middle of the road ).

4 . If a lady a woman fall in love with a man , he was going though his mind was always Adadi when she was with another man .

5 . When the man she loved brood sharply into his eyes , he would cairseperti chocolate ! ! 6 . Women do like compliments but do not always know how to accept a compliment .

7 . If you do not like the girl who loved you half to death , tolakcintanya gently , do not be rude because there is a spirit in woman who you will not know if he has made ​​a decision , he will melakukanapa alone .

8 . If a girl is distancing themselves from you after you tolakcintanya , let him to seketika.Jika you still want to consider diaseorang friend , try scolds him slowly .

9 . Women like vomit what they rasa.Musik , poetry , painting and tulisanadalah easiest way they vomit their hearts content .

10.Jangan occasionally tell the women about what makes merekalangsung feel useless .

11.Bersikap too serious can turn off the mood wanita.12.Bila first man she loved being silent response

12 . positive , for example, contacted by phone , the girl will be indifferent takacuh as if not interested , but in fact he would shout happy dantak to ten Minit , all his friends will know the news .

13.Sebuah smile give a thousand meanings for wanita.Jadi do senyumsembarangan to women .

14.Jika you like a woman alone , start with persahabatan.Kemudianbiarkan him know you deeper .

15.Jika alone women give excuses every time you ajakkeluar , leave him because he is not interested in you.

16.Tetapi if at the same time he calls or menunggupanggilan from you , continue your efforts to lure .

17.Jangan occasional dirasakannya.Tanya guess what he himself ! !

18.Setelah alone girl falls in love , she would often wonder why akutak met this guy earlier .

19.Kalau you are still searching for the most romantic way to lure hatisorang girl , read love books .

20.Bila every time I see a picture together , which first sought by ialahsiapa woman who was standing next to her baby , and then himself.

21.Mantan girlfriend will always be in his mind but the man who dicintainyasekarang will be in place especially in his heart !

22.Satu greeting ‘ Hi ‘ next cheer is enough .

23.Teman well who knows what he taste and through .

24.Wanita most hated man look good with their only pick up their friends matauntuk most beautiful .

25.Cinta means loyalty , honesty and unconditional happiness .

26.Semua women want a man who loves with all

27.Senjata women were tears ! !

28.Wanita like if occasional surprise loved ones gave him ( gifts , flowers or just a romantic word ) . They will be moved danmerasakan that he loved her sincerely as this hati.Dengan will not hesitate – raguterhadapmu .

29.Wanita easy to fall in love with her ​​man ‘s attention and baikterhadapnya.So , if you want to attract women be smart ..

30 . Actually easy to take care of women because they want hanyalahperasaan what he loved and cherished soul.


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Healthy food for prime energy


1 . Healthy Food For Energy PrimaKonsumsi healthy food that is balanced with physical activity performed teraturmerupakan important factor for creating and maintaining the stability of the energy levels kesehatanAnda . Unhealthy foods and regular physical activity is a risk factor utamayang trigger chronic diseases like high blood pressure , sugar darahtinggi / hyperglycemia , abnormal blood fats , including obesity . And also at risk menyebabkanpenyakit heart disease, cancer and diabetes . Healthy food with good nutritional composition adalahjawaban for all ini.Anjuran Nutrition SeimbangBerikut are some of the things suggested by the WHO to maintain optimal health and tingkatenergi for everyone : •

Keep your energy balance and ideal weight are proportional . • Stay away from energy intake derived from fat are detrimental to health . • Increase consumption of fruits and vegetables , and nuts , seeds and beans as your healthy diet . • Limit your intake of sugar . • Consumption of salt beryodium.Nutrisi Important For PrimaBerbagai Energy research has found that makanantambahan substances , such as artificial sweeteners , colorings , and flavorings can cause problems kesehatanseperti aforementioned above . To that end , here are some important nutrisiyang to provide excellent energy body . • Protein . It is important for the growth and repair of muscle and other body tissues . • Fat .

And an important source of energy associated with the fat-soluble vitamins . • Carbohydrates . The main energy source . • Fibers . It is important for a healthy digestive system . • Vitamins . Water soluble vitamins and fat plays an important role in the body’s chemical processes . • Mineral . These inorganic elements are essential for the metabolism running . • Water . It is important for the metabolism and act as carriers of essential nutrients nutrisi.Dari above , here are some extremely important vitamins and minerals in the body to provide optimum energy to perform daily activities hari.Vitamin • B1 ( thiamin ) supports nerve function and useful for metabolism and energy . Found in spinach , green beans , tomato juice , watermelon , sunflower seeds , ham , and soy milk . • B2 ( riboflavin ) supports energy metabolism , skin and eye health . Is found in spinach , broccoli , mushrooms , eggs , milk , liver , oysters and clams .

2 . • B3 ( Niacin ) supports energy metabolism , skin health , nervous system and digestive system . Found in spinach , potatoes , tomato juice , beef , chicken , tuna , liver and shrimp . • B6 ( pyridoxine ) is important in the production of red blood cells , metabolism of amino acids and fatty acids . Is found in bananas , watermelon , tomatoes , broccoli , spinach , potatoes , rice and chicken . • B12 is necessary for the synthesis of new cells , helps break down the amino acids and fatty acids , nourish nerve cells . B12 is widely available in meat , poultry , fish , milk, shellfish , and eggs . • Biotin helps metabolize energy , fat synthesis , amino acid metabolism , glycogen synthesis and is widely used in food . • Folic acid supports the synthesis of DNA and the formation of new cells . Contained in tomatoes , broccoli , spinach , asparagus , and peas . • Pantothenic acid supports energy metabolism and is found in most foods , especially meats , fish , poultry , whole grains and sayuran.Mineral

Experts have yet to find agreement in classifying minerals , there are seven major minerals mengatakanbahwa or macro , and there is a mention of 16 types mineralutama to human health . Some important minerals such as calcium , potassium and zinc , are useful for the body to digest food , produce energy and regulate kolesterol.Kalsium , magnesium and phosphorus is important for healthy teeth , bones and joints .


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” Violence ” in World Education

Grosir Tas : Until now , not many people are watching on a pretty serious problem in education . It is associated with the publication of the book ” Symbolic Violence in Schools ” by Nana Martono , which has opened our eyes , that there is still violence committed in schools , either by unscrupulous elements from within and outside the school . If you hear the word violence , the brain will instantly record that it was physically violent , as it is often the case in Indonesia at this time .

From ancient times , violence has always been a major way to apply discipline in children . In boarding schools , school , and even at home , as if it was lawful violence . Most of it can indeed be a deterrent effect on the child . However , in most of the other violence even becomes a mental burden , psychological disorders , fear , and even trauma . Especially if it is applied to children who are still in the early stages of learning .

In reality violence is still common , especially in education . In Indonesia , for example , Islamic elementary students Sudirman , Cijantung , East Jakarta , experienced physical violence from her teacher . Dilakban his mouth until the wounds , because it is often crowded in the classroom ( 28 November 2006 ) . Jakarta 282 junior high school students also get the violence of English teacher , slapped for not working on a given task ( Ramadan , 2008) .

Seeing the above sequence of events , it can be interpreted that the concept of violence committed no disciplinary issues to the fore again . But more on personal psychological pressure , which was the action of the student have offended dignity of the teacher . Supposedly the teacher can be more mature in this regard . Physical violence as it will only have a negative impact .

This is in contrast to symbolic violence Martono Nana revealed , in his book comes from an idea of ​​educational sociology , Pierre Bourdieu . In the book the authors conclude , that symbolic violence is violence that is only a symbol , not a real , walking slowly , but very striking implications for psychology students or pupils . Like the class divisions that distinguish between class and class favorites are not favorites . More favorite class is filled with students from the upper classes ( the rich ) , and the favorite is not filled with students from the lower classes ( the poor ) .

Distinguish between upper class and lower class , meaning slowly been oppressing the poor . Of economic limitations , making stagnant school students . As a result , the brain is supposed to be geared and designed for the future instead stagnated , even regressive mindset . Children are supposed to excel defeated by the son of the ” connoisseurs ” .
Coupled with the emergence of BSE ( Electronic School Book ) , and restricted to the elementary students . Symbolic violence here in the book more accessible Indonesian . Indonesian subjects at the elementary school level , is a subject that is still in the stage of letter recognition , word and sentence formation compiled from existing objects in the surrounding environment of the child .
However , Indonesian BSE that support the learning process , even includes the language of the upper class ( rich ) , which is mostly unknown and terdapatkan in the children of the lower classes ( the poor ) . Like the mention of the name of father , mother , grandparent . The mention of jobs such as doctors , pilots , flight attendants .

The mention of vacation spots , beaches , Taman Mini , highlight , or even depictions of house plans that describe the shape of a car garage , refrigerator , washing machine . Elementary school students who have never known such words before , his imagination will be forced to spin , imagine anything that he had never seen .

Childhood is also planting the formation of moral character , and his memory response is strongly influenced by the surrounding environment . Very wide imagination relates to what he knows . The presence of BSE would remain positive and negative impacts on the child . If he was not introduced to something that was never known before , then it would still not know , or will know but in the long process .

However , if the child continues to be forced to accept what has become the rule , then maybe he even considers that what is in the surrounding environment is bad , is not included in the quality of education being taught in school .

First , the family that plays an important role in the formation of character and knowledge of the child first . Second , teachers should be able to direct students to the imagination imagination acceptable and in accordance with their capacity . How important is it rising BSE will not have any effect on the students , if there is no direction from the teacher . Only a handful of elementary school students who want to read their own school books received , this is where the role of the teacher is needed .

Not only a teacher who is smart and can control his students, but more will be required of teachers who really have a love of the soul devotion . Being able to generalize over the rights and obligations of the participant students .

Features People Under Lying and Getting acquainted .

How and who will be served following features are not without basis . If you observe and enjoy watching movies , soap opera , drama , or any event that is wrapped with acting, you definitely do agree that all the actors / actresses are lying. Right? They are being themselves and portray the character and the story made. There are convincing , others are doubtful. Based on some of what I’ve learned in the world of theater and psychology , here’s how to find out the lie :

Grosir Tas Original

1 . Find out how he normally speaks
As a friend, you sure know how often friends or people you know while speaking . There are special things from everyone when mengujarkan something good when sad , happy , angry , and so forth. Usually this feature is also followed by a specific gesture , such as lip-reading , hands, body , eyes , eyebrows and so forth that have differences with each other . Ways that are not similar to the way that is usually done when speaking can be an early indicator .

2 . Note that the pressures in its sole pattern
A person who is in stress and psychological pressure also suffer from certain physical stress as imbasnya . For example, increased heart rate and blood flow quickly . This affects other physical activity , in this case speaking activity . People who are lying tend to have a tone of voice and undue pressure . This is because the pressure drop of thought and consideration in expressing lie overextend . In essence, the state lie is a natural thing that will put pressure simultaneously on the psychological condition , physically , and mentally. Therefore, the pressure appeared larger,

3 . Look at the number of sign and gesture ( gestures ) appear specific .
Here are some sign and gesture that is often found in people who are lying ;
Gestures are minimal or no movement or precisely move excessively. People who are lying tend to ‘ freeze ‘ , not often deal with your friend, and trying to minimize body movement . Some are thus bergrak excessively. All of it is an effort to avoid the appearance of the signs that he is lying. However, it is precisely this could also be an indication that someone is lying.
There is no eye contact . People are being lied often avoid eye contact . Instinctively , he would delay the viewing points versus discretion. Contact point in talking to the supporters and also store additional information when talking . By making eye contact , a person who is deceived will capture the signal information that is out of sync with what he said . That’s why scientific knowledge then there’s also read minds of others through eye contact .
Gesture other parts of the body that indicate depression. For example mengkukur2 , play finger nails , excessive wink , swallow repeatedly, and other movements done repeatedly. Feeling scared , nervous, uncomfortable , and a foreshadowing of what will happen if he is known to lie to make people experience high stress and do things that actually show jitters.
Looking at the top right. Looking in this direction is associated as an attempt to manipulate the memperkerjakan and right brain to trigger the imagination , that the effort to create linkages story based on what he had told . Instead , look to the left disosiasikan an effort to call a memory to tell the truth / interlaced story indeed.
Eyes wide open and install soffit innocent ( not guilty ) . Familiarity in the little time that remains we carry now is wide – open eyes wide and make innocent appearance , as if to say , ” Who ? …. I’m at fault ?” This we have always done at the time a kid when there memergoki mama cock lost packet of bread from the refrigerator . ! ( ^ ^)
Talk of choked – pack ( Paused ) . Not everyone has a great talent in making a story and speak fluently when lying. So , it is often found that the trial be stopped for a moment and the tempo of impropriety. Usually occurs when a fish story to the thrown , that is when she was trying to write a joint story . This is where the story usually delivered from inconsistent and variable.
Touching your nose and cover the face or mouth . This is also borne since childhood , which is a reflective response when someone wants to sugarcoat things.
High pitched speech . People who are lying tend to raise the tone of speech . Good because the information conveyed stressed efforts , emotions rise, or high pressure. It would be very easy to spot when you have to know your friend is talking habits .

4 . Reduce / eliminate the information that must be communicated .
Lied not only to say things that are not true , but also to get rid of information that should be said on your friend . Indications are actually easier precisely known because usually the information linkages / or story narrated be intact and raises many questions . Sign – sign above still appears. After presenting the information in a style that is convincing , he will perform gesture – specific gesture , such as touching your nose or covering the mouth / face .

5 . Tanyailah people you interview are lying .
Of course this way will also invite risk. Once , it appears your friend is not lying , then this way will bring adverse effects . Therefore, this method also ran pergunakan you have to get a lot of sign above and you believe you are right that your friend was lying. However , let not ask the person being lied too will be also very bad , especially for the perpetrator . Therefore, this method is also a solution that lies perpetrator confessed and sought solutions to the problem can then be settled.

6 . Use Intuition .
Believe it or not , people have intuitively created . Moreover, human beings were created to tell the truth . Therefore, people are basically bad for a lie and difficult to be lied to. Intuition totally different from lust , because lust associated with desire , so subjective . While intuition to be objective and not based on the desire . So feel deceived and lied prejudice is not the same . Before believe yourself to be lied to , ask yourself if this is because of prejudice or are due to your intuition . Even if you ultimately do not know what you are deceived by the evidence , but at least you know that someone is lying to you like that you simply will not believe .

SEO Method Forget this one , seriously !

Seo is an essential element that must be done by a webmaster to optimize websites SERP management.

SEO is a dynamic science , can change at any time . Where once very good , so now could be a very bad impact .

Well , as it does the phrase is commonly discussed everywhere , but if agan has yet to prove itself , may still lack confidence .

This is what I have to prove?

If the first , after we publish an article , the first thing is to find the optimization of the first visitors through social media , social bookmarking or as much as possible . The Signal always been very good to boost SERP position .

Grosir Tas Vintage : However , this method has now been turned into a negative , and should be shunned by webmasters in optimizing search engines .

It is based on the experience,  yesterday I experienced recently . Ane share here in the hope , that my friends do not repeat the mistakes ane for the second time .

I post articles ….. a few moments later I test in the search results . Slightly disappointing , because the results of the index is only 13 pages are in google search .

Because Ane less satisfied , and wanted to immediately there was an increase in SERP , of course ane perform some optimization efforts . Ane only 3 times the current article promotion that day . 1 ) , Im  share in thumblr , 2 ) . Im share in lintasme , and that 3 ) , Im share in fabspage .

Yes , , , I just do promotion 3 times ! ..

The result ? ? ? ? ….
The next day I try to test again in the SERP , what happened ? ….
Post index is actually disappear into nowhere land somewhere ….
Pathetic , and that’s the fact ………
What is the problem ? ..

possible ,
Share as it should be done naturally by the visitors , and if it can not netted as spam .
The distance is too close together by the same IP , may be tracked by a bot .
The number of visits that a sudden increase sharply ( from fanspage and lintasme ) , may be indicated due to spam .
Please guessed yourself why deh , who obviously do not ever do this to yourself at home . ( Only done by professionals ).

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Chinese construction

Chinese construction workers back to make the world gasp . This time they built a 30 story hotel in just 360 hours in Hunan Province .

This building is the latest achievement of Broad Sustainable Building , a Chinese construction company , popular for its efficiency level .

Construction of the hotel began on December 2, 2011 at the Lin Gang Industrial Zone , Xiangyin , near the capital Changsha . Construction was completed 15 days later .

Five-star hotel named T30 was looming over an area of ​​17,000 square meters and will be opened on Wednesday, Jan 18.

The hotel has 316 standard rooms , 32 suites , eight ambassador suites and two presidential suites .

In addition , the hotel is also equipped with various facilities such as a restaurant , bar , gym , helicopter pad , and a swimming pool on the top floor . While there is underground parking area with a capacity of 73 cars . Its construction cost about U.S. $ 17 million or about Rp150 billion .

BSB is a subsidiary of the Broad Group, a Chinese technology corporation that had built Broad Pavilion – a – six-story pavilion for Expo 2010 Shanghai event within 24 hours , as well as a 15-story building in 6 days in June 2010 .

The key to success lies in speed BSB on a range of innovative construction techniques that they develop . The secret , 90 % of the hotel tower has been assembled with components ready to build , said senior vice president Juliet Jiang Broad Group .

According to Juliet , the company was even able to set up a similar building in a shorter time again , 200 hours , if workers have more trained later .

Jiang also said that the reason behind the hotel pembagunan superfast it is to ” avoid the rain ” .

Despite doubts reaped in terms of security , Jiang said he did not worry about the quality of his hotel .

” That’s because they do not understand ( the technology that we use – ed) , ” he said . ” Let time prove . “

Based on a press release from the China Academy of Building Research , T30 is built with a new system of artificial BSB . A simulation shows the building is also quite sturdy : 7-9 magnitude earthquake shakes resistant SR .

BSB said construction technology that they developed in 2009 . A technology that they dubbed ” sustainable building ” , after an earthquake measuring magnitude 8 Wenchuan sieve – sieve and killed nearly 70,000 people in 2008 .

In addition to the earthquake resistant , T30 technology also includes nine other aspects , ranging from energy efficient flow of air to escape and relief .

Zhang Yue , CEO of BSB , told The Economic Times that ” speed is used to set the buildings they have lower levels of the futility of the use of energy and a variety of other materials . “

“China is 20-40 times more polluted than Europe . It is harmful to health and the KTA will hamper our economic growth , “added Zhang .

Zhang, a Chinese billionaire , is the recipient of the ” Champions of the Earth ” from the UN Environment Programme in 2011. He asserted that the building ” sustainable ” will be the largest business in 2013 .

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Grosiran Tas Termurah Tanah Abang Online

Grosiran Tas Termurah Tanah Abang Online Needs of women will be so diverse fashion , clothing and accessories ranging from head to toe is also available throughout the world . Just choose whatever you want , now they can have it . Even as a little odd models were already available . However , alloys of clothing and accessories with the body shape that can sometimes be a problem for some women .

Not only clothing that must be adapted to the shape of the body in order to help create a look that fits the proportions , the selection of the portable bag also needs to be considered . Bag is an important part of fashion , although it seems not outfit , but the bag can not be separated from your overall appearance .

Because the bags are ‘ accessories ‘ which must be taken into account to support the appearance that you can be perfect , here are some guidelines to choose a bag according to your body shape .

hour glass
The advantages of this body shape is the charming waist curve . For menonjolkannya , you can choose the right bag that fall slightly below the waist . Bag with a medium size will make your body stay balanced proportions , while the bag is too small or too large will reduce the beauty of your curves are perfect .

If you have posture tall and skinny , then you could be carrying a bag of whatever model . But note also the size of the bag . For those who are tall and carrying a matching oversized bag to balance your height , while the bags are small or medium sized will make your body become more visible looming .

Short and contains
Even if you have a body that is self contained, avoid using oversized bags , even if you really like the model . Because of the shape of this bag will make your body become visible getting shorter . So , you should choose a bag with a small size , clutch , and purse size really fit with your body .

You are having a great body shape like this , it is better to avoid the selection of a small bag with a short strap . Because it is taboo for you who have a plus size body size . The model of this bag will make you look bigger. Try to choose a model bags that look thick and large , with a large size as well . With the right bag , the illusion of the proportion of the body can be present in the overall appearance of your fashion .

So , with the selection of bags that fit the shape of your body, your appearance with worn clothing will be the maximum .

Toko Grosiran Tas Murah Meriah Jakarta

Ladies, dunia fashion adalah salah satu dunia yang sangat lekat dengan wanita. Namun makin ke sini, fashion yang trendy seringkali makin sulit dijangkau, terutama dalam masalah harga. Well, sesuai dengan pepatah ‘ada harga, ada rupa’.
Sebenarnya, ada beberapa cara di mana Anda bisa mendapatkan pakaian yang murah, bahkangratis. Namun tetap dengan model yang fashionable. Yuk sedikit putar otak dan keliling kota atau lemari ibu kita dan menerapkan tips berikut ini.
Preloved atau Baju Seken
Anda bisa membeli pakaian seken di Roma atau ‘rombengan malam’. Sebutan keren ini ditujukan untuk pasar yang menjual berbagai barang bekas yang masih layak jual. Namun kalau mau beli di sini, sebaiknya cermat dan teliti. Apalagi kalau Anda membeli baju.
Namun kelebihannya adalah, Anda mendapatkan harga yang miring. Bahkan kalau beruntung, Anda bisa mendapatkan model baju yang kece dan klasik. Misalnya jaket denim, blazer warna-warni, sepatu vintage dan sebagainya.
DIY/ Recycle
Salah satu alternatif lainnya adalah dengan melakukan DIY atau do it yourself atau yang mirip dengan teknik ini adalah recycle. Misalnya, membuat mini dress dari celana panjang kakak laki-laki atau ayah. Atau kaos besar yang disulap menjadi crop tee. Suasana baru dari baju lama yang menyenangkan bukan?
Beli Borongan
Coba beli secara grosiran dan borongan. Selain mendapatkan harga lebih murah, Anda mendapatkan barang lebih banyak. Bila Anda kurang cocok dengan barang tersebut, Anda bisa mencoba untuk menjualnya kembali. Sehingga Anda tak akan terlalu rugi di ongkos.
Saat membeli barang, coba tawar pakaian yang Anda beli. Misalnya karena untuk sebuah kaos panjang, harga Rp 200 ribu terlalu mahal, maka Anda bisa menawarnya. Namun tawarlah barang pada penjual yang memungkinkan. Bila tidak, akan memberikan image yang kurang baik pada Anda sebagai konsumen. Untuk lebih amannya, keliling online shop atau toko di mana Anda sering membeli barang akan membuat pilihan Anda semakin banyak.
Bongkar Lemari
Coba bongkar isi lemari Anda. BIasanya karena sering menggunakan pakaian yang itu-itu saja, kita sering lupa dengan jenis pakaian apa saja yang sudah kita miliki. Lakukan mix and matchdan Anda akan menemukan penampilan yang baru. Bila perlu, coba tanya apakah saudara perempuan atau ibu Anda punya baju yang tak terpakai. Lumayan untuk tambahan koleksi yang vintage.

A Constitutional History of Jammu and Kashmir (Grosir Tas)

This collection of documents on Article 370 of the Constitution of India contains ‘temporary provisions’ with respect to the State of Jammu and Kashmir. This book presents documents on the five-month long negotiations which preceded its enactment on 17 October 1949. It explains the significance of the article, describes how it was eroded, and traces the Constitutional evolution of the State and its relationship with the Union of India thereafter.

Grosir Tas

It covers the period from 1946 to 2010. From Jammu and Kashmir’s accession to India in 1947 to the various negotiations thereafter, including Sheikh Abdullah’s arrest to the framing of the Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir, and the replacement of Sadar–i–Riyasat, this book examines in detail the little-known constitutional history of the state.

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This intake can prevent dehydration

Lack of fluid intake during fasting triggers risk of dehydration . But with the right eating choices , hydration or adequacy of body fluids can be maintained throughout the day . What foods can keep body fluids wear out too quickly ?

Some foods that can maintain hydration is as follows , as quoted by the Huffington Post , Monday ( 15/07/2013 ) .

1 . cucumber
Cucumber contains 95 percent water , so some cucumber slices have the same benefits as drinking a glass of water . Selian it , cucumber also provide fiber and vitamin C intake , approximately 6 percent of the daily requirement .

2 . green salad
In addition to consist of 90 percent water , green salad also only contains less than 15 calories in each 2 bowls . Another useful is the content of folate , vitamin C , fiber and antioxidants beta-carotene . The content is great for maintaining healthy eyes and skin .

Grosir Tas

3 . strawberries
The water content in strawberry fruit reached 91 percent , it’s helpful to maintain adequate fluid . In addition , this red fruit also contains vitamin C and B that can help the growth of new cells .

4 . watermelon
As the name implies , the fruit which in English is called Watermelon consists of 92 percent water . In addition it also contains vitamin C , especially the red watermelon contains lycopene . The content has antioxidant effects that could prevent cancer and heart disease .

5 . yoghurt
Plain – yogurt contains approximately 85-88 percent water . The content may vary depending on the type of yogurt consumed . Clearly , these foods also memnberi intake of calcium , vitamin B – 12 or riboflavin and of course probiotics .

6 . papaya
Composed of 88 percent water , papaya is helpful to maintain adequate body fluids . The size of the glasses also provide 3 grams of fiber with only 55 calories .