7 Interesting Facts about the Mona Lisa Painting

Distributor Tas import Murah di Jakarta

When talking about the most famous paintings of women in the world , people will immediately call the Mona Lisa .

Paintings by Leonardo Da Vinci is a concern of many people , and even become a source of debate for centuries .

In addition to the typical smile , what you also find out other interesting facts about the Mona Lisa ?

Citing Boldsky , there are seven interesting facts about this long-haired woman .

1 . The name Mona Lisa is actually derived from spelling errors .

The original name of the painting was Monna Lisa . Monna in Italian is a short form of Madonna , which means ‘ My Lady ‘ .

2 . Who exactly is the woman in the painting remains a mystery .

Some people believe it is a woman Leonardo Da Vinci himself .

The most popular belief that the woman is Lisa Gherardini , 24 years old , a mother of two boys .

3 . This painting has imperfections . In 1956 , a man named Ugo Ungaza throwing stones at the painting .

This resulted in a small patch of damaged paint on his left elbow .

4 . This painting is considered priceless and so can not be insured .

5 . The woman in the painting did not have eyebrows . This is reportedly because when the authorities tried to restore the painting , eyebrows accidentally deleted .
However , some people believe that Leonardo Da Vinci painting was never finished because she is a perfectionist perfect .

6 . The painting is housed in its own space . This prevents erratic climate change and encased bullet resistant glass .

Specially built museum room and spent more than seven million dollars .

7 . Research shows that there are three distinct layers before painting like this version appeared and became famous


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