Google Launches New Tools For Mobile App Businesses

Google announced on Tuesday that it is adding Google Analytics to mobile ad platform AdMob and launching new content experiments for Google Tag Manager.

Analytics will be available within the AdMob interface on a new “Analyze” tab, which should be quite helpful for app businesses.

“Today’s app developers have to make decisions quickly and implement them seamlessly if they want to stay relevant,” says product manager Russell Ketchum in a blog post. “It also helps if every business decision is backed up and validated by reliable data. Until now, app developers using AdMob and Google Analytics had to use two separate tools to monetize and measure. Starting today, they’re now in one place.”

There are also some new features including a drop down menu to switch between individual app reports and a new home page with reporting from both Analytics and AdMob. The new home tab will include data on how the developer’s app is monetizing.

Last summer, Google launched Tag Manager for mobile apps. The new content experiments let you run experiments to change things like in-app promotions, menu layout, etc. and modify app configurations without having to push out actual updates.

“But how can we always be sure that we are changing it for the best? Wouldn’t it better if you could validate business decisions with data? Now you can run content experiments on a subset of your users to choose the best option – where to show promotions? How often? Data in Google Analytics will answer your questions and you can now be sure your decisions will be backed by data,” says Ketchum.

As he notes, Tag Manager is made to be used by people who aren’t familiar with coding, so companies can let marketers or analysts run experiments without the need for the developers to get involved.


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