Perform Six Ways Whiten Skin With Easy

Whites a dream almost all Asian women , Indonesian women are no exception . But in fact whiten the skin is not really 100 % white color changed to white . The treatment is done only give effect to the skin looks more clean and healthy so the skin look whiter and brighter. How to whiten the skin can be done with two options , the first one you have to be extra patient and diligent with wearing natural way , which is both a modern way which assessed more quickly to make skin whiter . Skin whitening is actually quite easy if you have the determination and not easily give up halfway and then stop treatment midway .

Clean the face . At a minimum you should clean your face twice , it could be more if you feel the oil and dust off already exceeded the limit . Before and after the bed is the most important and should not be missed to clean the face . It is recommended to use soap or cleansing milk for dirt on the face lifted thoroughly.

Scrubs and masks . The importance of skin care , especially if you consistently want to whiten the skin . Do not forget to do a scrub and a mask that works to help the skin become whiter and eliminate black spots , dead skin cells on the skin surface . You can do a facial scrub and body mask for at least two weeks one time .

How to whiten skin with healthy food consumption . Highly recommended to regularly eat vegetables and salmon , a good fat content in salmon beneficial to make the dead skin cells that cause dull and rough skin to regenerate faster . In addition you can take vitamin C and E are good for skin health .

Regeneration of the skin occurs when the night so highly recommended to always wear a moisturizer before bed . When you routinely wear a night cream and sunscreen , your skin undoubtedly fade white . Choose the product that suits your skin type so it will not be a problem with the skin , such as acne which over time will cause black stains that result seem more dull skin .

Change lifestyle to be more healthy . Consumption of eight glasses of mineral water at all should be a requirement of your old habits like staying up late to do it is not important should also be reduced . Avoid thinking too hard problems which in the end will make you stress . When the body and mind are in a healthy condition , the health and beauty of the skin will be easier radiated .

How to whiten skin further also important is to always apply a moisturizing lotion to the skin surface of the body . Choose a moisturizing lotion containing bleach so that the body remains moist , becoming more white and fragrant .

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