Benefits of Bananas

Grosir Tas Vintage – Benefits of bananas can be obtained from the content of vitamins and fiber . To learn more about the benefits that you can get from eating a banana , please examine a brief description below :


Digestion . Smooth digestion will affect the health and body shape , people who prefer to eat but rarely bowel movements tend to have a distended stomach problems because of the dirt that settles it should be wasted and stored in the body . How easy is assessed powerful digestive problems by eating bananas is rich in fiber content .

Create a mood for the better . Bananas can be a healthier alternative to foods you eat when you feel the middle of a bad mood . You are initially bad mood could turn out to be more stable after eating a banana . Prepare any bananas on the counter when your partner is in a bad mood so the mood for the better .

Overcome ulcer . Bad habit of eating late make your ulcer relapse , you can overcome heartburn with trying to eat bananas , existing acid in the fruit banana assessed powerful to overcome your heartburn .

Bananas can relieve itching caused from the bite of banana nyamuk.Manfaat this one you can get directly from the skin of a banana. It’s easy, just provide banana peel which you then use as a wart on the skin that itch .

In the beauty world banana can be used as a remedy acne removal , teeth whitening and moisturizing the skin . To get rid of pimples and whiten your teeth , you need a banana peel . Substances in bananas is believed to treat acne and help make teeth look whiter , just rub a banana peel ripe for acne prone skin and the surface of the tooth . Do it that way every day so that the results are visible . Banana fruit can also be utilized to make the mask , you can simply cut the bananas and then put the banana slices to the surface of the face that you want.

Benefits of bananas turned out very much , is not it? So , there is no reason to reject bananas were served at home . Bananas can also be processed into a wide variety of delicious foods , such as ice or as a mixture of green banana fruit ice . Consumption of bananas is more advisable for people who were menjani diet , because the consumption of bananas make the body become more easily satisfied so that the desire to eat can be delayed .


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