This is the Greatest Secrets Women



This is the Greatest Secrets Women

1 . If a woman says she is sad , but he did not meneteskanairmata , it means she ‘s crying in her heart .

2 . When she ignores you after you hurt her , more baikkamu give him time to calm her before you reprimand denganucapan sorry.

3 . Women hard to find something he hated about the most diasayang ( because it’s a lot of women who are broken-hearted when the relationship broke up the middle of the road ).

4 . If a lady a woman fall in love with a man , he was going though his mind was always Adadi when she was with another man .

5 . When the man she loved brood sharply into his eyes , he would cairseperti chocolate ! ! 6 . Women do like compliments but do not always know how to accept a compliment .

7 . If you do not like the girl who loved you half to death , tolakcintanya gently , do not be rude because there is a spirit in woman who you will not know if he has made ​​a decision , he will melakukanapa alone .

8 . If a girl is distancing themselves from you after you tolakcintanya , let him to seketika.Jika you still want to consider diaseorang friend , try scolds him slowly .

9 . Women like vomit what they rasa.Musik , poetry , painting and tulisanadalah easiest way they vomit their hearts content .

10.Jangan occasionally tell the women about what makes merekalangsung feel useless .

11.Bersikap too serious can turn off the mood wanita.12.Bila first man she loved being silent response

12 . positive , for example, contacted by phone , the girl will be indifferent takacuh as if not interested , but in fact he would shout happy dantak to ten Minit , all his friends will know the news .

13.Sebuah smile give a thousand meanings for wanita.Jadi do senyumsembarangan to women .

14.Jika you like a woman alone , start with persahabatan.Kemudianbiarkan him know you deeper .

15.Jika alone women give excuses every time you ajakkeluar , leave him because he is not interested in you.

16.Tetapi if at the same time he calls or menunggupanggilan from you , continue your efforts to lure .

17.Jangan occasional dirasakannya.Tanya guess what he himself ! !

18.Setelah alone girl falls in love , she would often wonder why akutak met this guy earlier .

19.Kalau you are still searching for the most romantic way to lure hatisorang girl , read love books .

20.Bila every time I see a picture together , which first sought by ialahsiapa woman who was standing next to her baby , and then himself.

21.Mantan girlfriend will always be in his mind but the man who dicintainyasekarang will be in place especially in his heart !

22.Satu greeting ‘ Hi ‘ next cheer is enough .

23.Teman well who knows what he taste and through .

24.Wanita most hated man look good with their only pick up their friends matauntuk most beautiful .

25.Cinta means loyalty , honesty and unconditional happiness .

26.Semua women want a man who loves with all

27.Senjata women were tears ! !

28.Wanita like if occasional surprise loved ones gave him ( gifts , flowers or just a romantic word ) . They will be moved danmerasakan that he loved her sincerely as this hati.Dengan will not hesitate – raguterhadapmu .

29.Wanita easy to fall in love with her ​​man ‘s attention and baikterhadapnya.So , if you want to attract women be smart ..

30 . Actually easy to take care of women because they want hanyalahperasaan what he loved and cherished soul.


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