Healthy food for prime energy


1 . Healthy Food For Energy PrimaKonsumsi healthy food that is balanced with physical activity performed teraturmerupakan important factor for creating and maintaining the stability of the energy levels kesehatanAnda . Unhealthy foods and regular physical activity is a risk factor utamayang trigger chronic diseases like high blood pressure , sugar darahtinggi / hyperglycemia , abnormal blood fats , including obesity . And also at risk menyebabkanpenyakit heart disease, cancer and diabetes . Healthy food with good nutritional composition adalahjawaban for all ini.Anjuran Nutrition SeimbangBerikut are some of the things suggested by the WHO to maintain optimal health and tingkatenergi for everyone : •

Keep your energy balance and ideal weight are proportional . • Stay away from energy intake derived from fat are detrimental to health . • Increase consumption of fruits and vegetables , and nuts , seeds and beans as your healthy diet . • Limit your intake of sugar . • Consumption of salt beryodium.Nutrisi Important For PrimaBerbagai Energy research has found that makanantambahan substances , such as artificial sweeteners , colorings , and flavorings can cause problems kesehatanseperti aforementioned above . To that end , here are some important nutrisiyang to provide excellent energy body . • Protein . It is important for the growth and repair of muscle and other body tissues . • Fat .

And an important source of energy associated with the fat-soluble vitamins . • Carbohydrates . The main energy source . • Fibers . It is important for a healthy digestive system . • Vitamins . Water soluble vitamins and fat plays an important role in the body’s chemical processes . • Mineral . These inorganic elements are essential for the metabolism running . • Water . It is important for the metabolism and act as carriers of essential nutrients nutrisi.Dari above , here are some extremely important vitamins and minerals in the body to provide optimum energy to perform daily activities hari.Vitamin • B1 ( thiamin ) supports nerve function and useful for metabolism and energy . Found in spinach , green beans , tomato juice , watermelon , sunflower seeds , ham , and soy milk . • B2 ( riboflavin ) supports energy metabolism , skin and eye health . Is found in spinach , broccoli , mushrooms , eggs , milk , liver , oysters and clams .

2 . • B3 ( Niacin ) supports energy metabolism , skin health , nervous system and digestive system . Found in spinach , potatoes , tomato juice , beef , chicken , tuna , liver and shrimp . • B6 ( pyridoxine ) is important in the production of red blood cells , metabolism of amino acids and fatty acids . Is found in bananas , watermelon , tomatoes , broccoli , spinach , potatoes , rice and chicken . • B12 is necessary for the synthesis of new cells , helps break down the amino acids and fatty acids , nourish nerve cells . B12 is widely available in meat , poultry , fish , milk, shellfish , and eggs . • Biotin helps metabolize energy , fat synthesis , amino acid metabolism , glycogen synthesis and is widely used in food . • Folic acid supports the synthesis of DNA and the formation of new cells . Contained in tomatoes , broccoli , spinach , asparagus , and peas . • Pantothenic acid supports energy metabolism and is found in most foods , especially meats , fish , poultry , whole grains and sayuran.Mineral

Experts have yet to find agreement in classifying minerals , there are seven major minerals mengatakanbahwa or macro , and there is a mention of 16 types mineralutama to human health . Some important minerals such as calcium , potassium and zinc , are useful for the body to digest food , produce energy and regulate kolesterol.Kalsium , magnesium and phosphorus is important for healthy teeth , bones and joints .


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