Antivirus is a type of software that is used to detect danmenghapus computer viruses from computer systems. Viruses also called ProtectionSoftware . This application can determine whether a computer system telahterinfeksi with a virus or not . Generally , this software runs dilatar (background ) and do a scan of all files yangdiakses ( opened , modified , or when stored.) What is meant by software or antivirus software is a jenisperangkat software used to detect viruses in a later komputerlalu remove existing viruses on your computer system . Lunakantivirus device is also called virus protection software . With this software kitadapat determine whether a computer system is affected by a virus or tidak.Pada general , this software runs in the background or backgrounddan also perform a scan of all the files that are accessed .


Most antivirus software works with several techniques such as the following :
• First Technique : detection by using a database other terms signatureatau virus is a virus signature database : How the antivirus lists different types of approaches that are widely used by traditional antivirus types , yangmencari signs of the presence of a virus on the computer USING fraction of the virus code that has been analyzed by penciptaantivirus , and has dikatalogisasi according to type, size , kemampuanpengapusan viruses and also some of the other categories . in this way can be said to be an antivirus perangkatlunak fast and reliable for mendeteksikeberadaan viruses that have been analyzed by antivirus maker , but this caratradisional can not detect the new virus until later virussignature new database is installed on the system .
• Second Technique : Detection of virus by looking at how it works : How it works is like this antivirus is a new approach that borrowed dariteknologi applied in Intrusion Detection System . This way seringdinamakan well as Behavior – blocking detection . This method should be applied to wear kebijakanyang detect the presence of a virus . If terdapattanda – mark on software that “unnatural ” according to yangditerapkan policy , for example, is a software that tries melakukanpengaksesan address book or address book to send e – mail to the email address secaramassal be in the address book ( it inisering used by virus to transmit the virus from one computer to another computer via internet access with email facilities ) , by knowing the way kerjavirus then the antivirus will stop the process undertaken olehperangkat unnatural move software from the virus .

The device can also isolate lunakAntivirus codes suspected virus hinggaadministrator determine what to do next . USING advantage of this method is that the antivirus can detect the presence of viruses RecentMost not detected by the virus signature database . The drawback , enough antiviral jelaskarena this model works by monitoring the overall software means kerjaperangkat not monitor the data , so the frequency of false alarms antivirusmembuat { if antivirus configuration is too ” hard ” } , or bahkanmengizinkan virus to multiply and spread within the system { ikakonfigurasi antivirus too ” soft } . Currently antivirus software uses both techniques or Behavior – blocking detection is still a little . But someday in the future a large mendatangkemungkinan will use this technique , or using two teknikdalam the use of antivirus software .


History of AntivirusSedangkan historical development of the antivirus program is divided into several generations , which is as follows : • The first generation form of a simple scanner , scan antivirus program to find any sign of the virus signature . This technically limited only to detect viruses known . • Generation keduaBerupa ” intelligent scanner ” ( heuristic scanner ) . Antivirus using smart rules ( heuristic rules ) to search for possible virus infection . • Generation ketigaAntivirus work in the form of the pitfalls activity (activity trap ) . Antivirusini program is a program that is resident in memory ( memory resident program ) . Program is to identify the virus through its actions on the structure programyang not infected . • Generation keempatAntivirus a full protection ( full- featured protection ) . Inimenggunakan diverse generation antivirus antivirus techniques simultaneously. These techniques and pitfalls meliputiscanning aktivitas.Beberapa free anti virus is a reference to destroy virus – virusdiatas include PC Mav , Ansav , Free AVG , Kaspersky , Avira , Smadavdan more. Anti- virus and has deficiencies kelebihanmasing respectively , therefore the computer users are expected to increasingly cerdasdan wise in applying computer with mengiukuti continued development .

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