Link Building Secrets, Backlink, External Linking, and Internal Linking

Grosir Tas Vintage : Make no mistake, I did not say a link building strategy elderly. Backlink is still very, very important. But increasingly complicated criteria and can not pin down just like that. In many of my writings as well as other blogs, quality backlinks always be mentioned, but if now we can actually swallow? No. I’m not saying it is impossible to come by quality backlinks, but yes, in fact it is increasingly difficult to obtain.

The only the most qualified external backlink is created by “accidentally”. I love quotes because it felt it could be accidentally but actually intentional. For example backlinks in another blog article that asked by the blog owner to be loaded there. This is just one example. But whether these efforts can be done by the blog owner to tens to hundreds of other blogs? Certainly not, can kalopun, no little cost. This is just one example. And for me, it still is not natural. Not to mention later if already entered into the context of the relevance of content. Beuh! Complicated. I do not mean to scare or difficult, but I want to emphasize that the link building activity is not “just”. It takes strategy and maturity. I really regretted that some posts are still present techniques of link building is dangerous, misleading, and can actually cause imitators stuck in the Google Sandbox, spammers cap, the elimination of the blog as spam, Google penalty, and so on.

Well, you know that among the various strategies create backlinks, internal linking is one of them? Yes, internal links or linking to internal pages of a website / blog is also a backlink. And, incredibly, an internal link is made with relevant, strategic, good and could mature into a quality backlink and major influence on the search engines and readers. In fact ya, internal linking is one of the best link building strategies easily and should be the beginning of any subsequent link building techniques. Yes!

Advantages of Internal Linking
There are 4 internal linking advantages or benefits that I have underlined:

1. Increase SERP Rank and Pagerank

As I said earlier, internal linking is one of the best ways to increase link popularity. A page that contains a link to another page will deliver link juice to the destination page. As a function of backlinks that match the criteria, it will affect page ranking purposes, because backlinks are considered as “voting” for the importance of other pages. This will greatly help achieve pagerank pagerank and also thorough distribution and maximum in each blog page. In addition, internal linking also create visibility and ranking in search results. A post can be helped visibility as referenced by another post which has a higher value. So logic. This means that a web page or pages of your article will be SEO friendly.

2. Crawling and Indexing Process Easing

The existence and internal linking is also regarded as navigation, which allows search engines to crawl other pages. Terms ease the process of crawling (crawling) and indexing (indexing) is a good website page structure. This means having clear navigation and links. It’s easier for both processes. Navigation can be a well-structured menus to the important pages or links that are in a content page. The more relevant links or navigation, more like a robot or spider Googlebot crawl and index a website. And you know that this is a necessary condition that must dipenugi in SEO before doing other SEO efforts?

3. Increasing Interest Read (Readership)

An article actually not completely independent. Because in a discussion, it’s definitely a few points in it depends on other references. A point may only be taken as an outline that complements and quite possibly the readers need to understand the details. This is where internal linking also plays a role. For example, if you offend an important term in the article and you already have an article about the important terms, then rujukkan readers on the article by using internal linking. So do not just use any external link. If you have a discussion, rujukkan there. This will delight readers, improve their reading interests and power, refer to the new points that they do not know and curious, as well as enhancing the authority of your blog.

4. Adding Pageview and Reduce Bounce Rate

Related to point 3 above, because the reader “adventure” of an article to other articles, pageviews automatic or number of page views will increase. Automatically bounce rate will also be reduced or declined. Bounce rate, at first glance, is a visitor bounce rates after the first time you open a page, whether he will go (back or close) or continue on to other pages. Bounce rate is a measure of the level of importance for the assessment website in the eyes of search engines. Bounce rate is also measured and became one of the parameters Alexa ranking.


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