Features People Under Lying and Getting acquainted .

How and who will be served following features are not without basis . If you observe and enjoy watching movies , soap opera , drama , or any event that is wrapped with acting, you definitely do agree that all the actors / actresses are lying. Right? They are being themselves and portray the character and the story made. There are convincing , others are doubtful. Based on some of what I’ve learned in the world of theater and psychology , here’s how to find out the lie :

Grosir Tas Original

1 . Find out how he normally speaks
As a friend, you sure know how often friends or people you know while speaking . There are special things from everyone when mengujarkan something good when sad , happy , angry , and so forth. Usually this feature is also followed by a specific gesture , such as lip-reading , hands, body , eyes , eyebrows and so forth that have differences with each other . Ways that are not similar to the way that is usually done when speaking can be an early indicator .

2 . Note that the pressures in its sole pattern
A person who is in stress and psychological pressure also suffer from certain physical stress as imbasnya . For example, increased heart rate and blood flow quickly . This affects other physical activity , in this case speaking activity . People who are lying tend to have a tone of voice and undue pressure . This is because the pressure drop of thought and consideration in expressing lie overextend . In essence, the state lie is a natural thing that will put pressure simultaneously on the psychological condition , physically , and mentally. Therefore, the pressure appeared larger,

3 . Look at the number of sign and gesture ( gestures ) appear specific .
Here are some sign and gesture that is often found in people who are lying ;
Gestures are minimal or no movement or precisely move excessively. People who are lying tend to ‘ freeze ‘ , not often deal with your friend, and trying to minimize body movement . Some are thus bergrak excessively. All of it is an effort to avoid the appearance of the signs that he is lying. However, it is precisely this could also be an indication that someone is lying.
There is no eye contact . People are being lied often avoid eye contact . Instinctively , he would delay the viewing points versus discretion. Contact point in talking to the supporters and also store additional information when talking . By making eye contact , a person who is deceived will capture the signal information that is out of sync with what he said . That’s why scientific knowledge then there’s also read minds of others through eye contact .
Gesture other parts of the body that indicate depression. For example mengkukur2 , play finger nails , excessive wink , swallow repeatedly, and other movements done repeatedly. Feeling scared , nervous, uncomfortable , and a foreshadowing of what will happen if he is known to lie to make people experience high stress and do things that actually show jitters.
Looking at the top right. Looking in this direction is associated as an attempt to manipulate the memperkerjakan and right brain to trigger the imagination , that the effort to create linkages story based on what he had told . Instead , look to the left disosiasikan an effort to call a memory to tell the truth / interlaced story indeed.
Eyes wide open and install soffit innocent ( not guilty ) . Familiarity in the little time that remains we carry now is wide – open eyes wide and make innocent appearance , as if to say , ” Who ? …. I’m at fault ?” This we have always done at the time a kid when there memergoki mama cock lost packet of bread from the refrigerator . ! ( ^ ^)
Talk of choked – pack ( Paused ) . Not everyone has a great talent in making a story and speak fluently when lying. So , it is often found that the trial be stopped for a moment and the tempo of impropriety. Usually occurs when a fish story to the thrown , that is when she was trying to write a joint story . This is where the story usually delivered from inconsistent and variable.
Touching your nose and cover the face or mouth . This is also borne since childhood , which is a reflective response when someone wants to sugarcoat things.
High pitched speech . People who are lying tend to raise the tone of speech . Good because the information conveyed stressed efforts , emotions rise, or high pressure. It would be very easy to spot when you have to know your friend is talking habits .

4 . Reduce / eliminate the information that must be communicated .
Lied not only to say things that are not true , but also to get rid of information that should be said on your friend . Indications are actually easier precisely known because usually the information linkages / or story narrated be intact and raises many questions . Sign – sign above still appears. After presenting the information in a style that is convincing , he will perform gesture – specific gesture , such as touching your nose or covering the mouth / face .

5 . Tanyailah people you interview are lying .
Of course this way will also invite risk. Once , it appears your friend is not lying , then this way will bring adverse effects . Therefore, this method also ran pergunakan you have to get a lot of sign above and you believe you are right that your friend was lying. However , let not ask the person being lied too will be also very bad , especially for the perpetrator . Therefore, this method is also a solution that lies perpetrator confessed and sought solutions to the problem can then be settled.

6 . Use Intuition .
Believe it or not , people have intuitively created . Moreover, human beings were created to tell the truth . Therefore, people are basically bad for a lie and difficult to be lied to. Intuition totally different from lust , because lust associated with desire , so subjective . While intuition to be objective and not based on the desire . So feel deceived and lied prejudice is not the same . Before believe yourself to be lied to , ask yourself if this is because of prejudice or are due to your intuition . Even if you ultimately do not know what you are deceived by the evidence , but at least you know that someone is lying to you like that you simply will not believe .


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