SEO Method Forget this one , seriously !

Seo is an essential element that must be done by a webmaster to optimize websites SERP management.

SEO is a dynamic science , can change at any time . Where once very good , so now could be a very bad impact .

Well , as it does the phrase is commonly discussed everywhere , but if agan has yet to prove itself , may still lack confidence .

This is what I have to prove?

If the first , after we publish an article , the first thing is to find the optimization of the first visitors through social media , social bookmarking or as much as possible . The Signal always been very good to boost SERP position .

Grosir Tas Vintage : However , this method has now been turned into a negative , and should be shunned by webmasters in optimizing search engines .

It is based on the experience,  yesterday I experienced recently . Ane share here in the hope , that my friends do not repeat the mistakes ane for the second time .

I post articles ….. a few moments later I test in the search results . Slightly disappointing , because the results of the index is only 13 pages are in google search .

Because Ane less satisfied , and wanted to immediately there was an increase in SERP , of course ane perform some optimization efforts . Ane only 3 times the current article promotion that day . 1 ) , Im  share in thumblr , 2 ) . Im share in lintasme , and that 3 ) , Im share in fabspage .

Yes , , , I just do promotion 3 times ! ..

The result ? ? ? ? ….
The next day I try to test again in the SERP , what happened ? ….
Post index is actually disappear into nowhere land somewhere ….
Pathetic , and that’s the fact ………
What is the problem ? ..

possible ,
Share as it should be done naturally by the visitors , and if it can not netted as spam .
The distance is too close together by the same IP , may be tracked by a bot .
The number of visits that a sudden increase sharply ( from fanspage and lintasme ) , may be indicated due to spam .
Please guessed yourself why deh , who obviously do not ever do this to yourself at home . ( Only done by professionals ).

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