How to find backlinks the wrong way in 2014 ( Grosir Tas )

Many people say that SEO is not an exact science , but it is dynamic or change new policy issuance system as a search engine search . Bernarkah ? , , , , If I still justify it . One of the SEO techniques that persuaded highly efficacious baclinking son is wonderfull . If the problem backlingking , when the hell still needed . It’s just that , in ways that previously effective , now some have lost their validity . Even if you do wrong , could backfire number one blog that renders the Aga – agan . What is it ?

Grosir Tas

With Knowing is wrong, then we are expected to look for the right way . Here are planting backlinks might be wrong for 2014 :

Comment DoFollow blog
DoFollow blog is the most favorite game backlink seekers , because they can directly and quickly improve SERP and PR . But this is now a very risky way to the survival of our site . Why ? … Because of the way this is still a favorite , then in a site that dofollow comments , in a short time can invite comments containing links in large quantities . Thus OBL ( Outbound Links ) site becomes redundant and can decrease its ranking . Consequently ? , We too can participate site affected. Another risk , if the site is subject to the sandbox , our site also could be affected. DoFollow not allow the crawler to track it means , the effect would be felt sooner .

Leaving links with the same keywords over and over again
SEO longer very common way that leaves keywords as anchor text the same over and over and as much as possible . If the way you use it now is , it’s the same as turning off our own site . SPAM is the right word that describes the way in the present , its impact can certainly be difficult penalty recoverable .

Backlik put on high value contains no
Inserting a link to an actual article effectively massive , with a note that you are qualified to make our site contains quality anyway . If you do this on our site article writing are low quality ( junk ) , and is rated poorly ( especially been hit sandbox ) , the result was predictable .

Put a link in the sidebar or footer

BL plant issues in the sidebar or footer has been very much discussed in some forum or blog SEO . The assumption refers to the act of backlinks SPAM / unatural , because the entire article , page , or category will direct backlinks with anchor text or keywords of the same . For example, a blog that you are riding a link you have 30 categories , 10 pages, and 300 articles, the incoming links will add up times lipatkan bringing the total to 340 links. What if the site has 3000 articles, or you put the same KW , in the same way and in many blogs . So do you think it looks natural ? , And a SPAM link or not ? ..

If that is, quite frankly I do not want to do it again . But if you think of fine-fine aja , so please just try or forwarded .

Planting a commented backling blog that slipshod
If the blog is dofollow unkempt , and had long terpenalti , then you put a link in the comments could also bring bad luck . You should first consider your blog which will link comments lef , how visitornya , when the last update and so on .

Just put a link at page without content sided link
This usually common in exchange of backlinks , which are made ​​a special page that only contains links that are exchanged . Link is the main accusation SPAM .

Put our site link is not relevant
Your site about Olharaga , but put a review on a website link Investments . Ha ha , totally irrelevant right? , , , . And this is a fundamental issue of SEO 2014. If you want to survive , then do not be forced .

So what can I do ? …..
This is an important issue for SEO 2014 . Optimasilah Social media , with the aim to get a lot of social signals from your visitors . Simply put , if your content is considered good by the visitors , of course they will not hesitate to add a ” like ” , ” share ” , ” +1 ” , etc. . And this is the most effective SEO earlier this year .

So how best backlinking by author ?
It’s a personal hell , but if you want adherents agan yes please . Try to write as a guest blogger on the site relevant and good position . Or if you want the free and at any time , you can also submit in writing the article directory sites such as GoArticle , Lomography etc. . It could also make the article disebuah trit dofollow forums . All of course with leaves that can be inserted diartikel NW . Although I can not guarantee , but I think this way is more natural look . But remember , unique and relevant article huh ? …

It sounds exhausting and a lot of wasted time , but if you still think about the long term why not ? . I think this way is the most basic way backlingking easy and cheap , once again to ” 2014 ” .

Backlinking is very risky , better days and hearts , and to know the correct way . That’s just a summary of the results on the site blogwalking site SEO expert who has been leading the world . However, I do not guarantee the accuracy of this article , and you can try it if you are in need of proof . Is not the experience is the best teacher ?

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