Indonesia Got Google Street View

Wandering by utilizing Google’s mapping service is now easier . Not only could search through Google Maps via satellite , users in Indonesia has been able to use Google Street View . Fun !

Grosir Tas Batam Murah

Became the 45th state , Indonesia finally visited Street View from Google . Today, Friday ( 23/11/2012 ) , housed in Cow Feed , Epicentrum Walk , Jakarta , Google and the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy officially launched the service.

Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy , Mari Elka Pangestu , present inaugurated its Street View service in the country . It’s a marker , Google Street View cars collected data immediately operates a photo .

” We have more than 10 cars were equipped with 360 -degree cameras to photograph the places that will put the data into Street View , ” said Google Product Manager , Andrew McGlinchey .

Jakarta became the first city to be recorded . Street View also will be ‘ exploring ‘ other cities and remote areas . Andrew is said , these photos will be updated by one or two years .

” Google Street View is a feature of Google that allows users to see the real situation somewhere . Though there since 2007 , but the new year is finally present in Indonesia , ” said Andrew .

Not to forget , Andrew explained the four essentials of Google Street View . First , only the photos taken in a public place . Second , the data is not realtime . Thus , the user can not see what is happening today .

For security and privacy , all the people’s faces and license plates will be made blurry or opaque . Finally, Google has the authority to remove the photo if deemed to violate the privacy of a person , company or government .


Sponsored by Grosir Tas Batam Murah



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