Capsule Endoscopy ( Grosir Tas Branded )

Endoscopy has been done is by inserting a hose equipped with a camera through the mouth to look at the condition of the digestive tract . But now endoscopy can be done by swallowing a capsule containing a camera .

Video Capsule Endoscopy uses a tiny wireless camera to view the digestive tract . The camera is inserted into the vitamin -sized capsule that goes into the mouth by means of being swallowed .

Capsules containing this camera will be a walk along the digestive tract and take thousands of pictures instantly transmitted to a recorder worn on the waist or shoulder .

” This capsule is 24 mm and can produce 60 thousand images , ” said Dr. Yim Heng Boon , gastroenterology experts from Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital in the event of a media familiarization Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital in Singapore on Tuesday ( 29/01/2013 ) .

Dr. Yim said capsule camera helps doctors because I could see the digestive tract to the small intestine . This area is usually difficult to reach using conventional endoscopy .

The ” Grosir Tas Branded ” use of endoscopy kapul to help diagnose or as a treatment for obscure gastrointestinal bleeding , inflammation bowel disease , cancer , celiac disease and polyps .

Once completed , capsule endoscopy will be out of the body during bowel movements the next day or a few days later . The procedure is relatively safe for adults as well as children who are able to consume capsules .

” A few years ago ( capsule ) need to be removed from the body , but now can go out alone and safe material , no problem for the body , ” said Dr. Yim who had been Deputy Head of the Department of Hepatology Gatroenterologi and Tovk Tan Seng Hospital .

Generally, a person has been able to move normally after the capsule endoscopy procedure . But if it will do the work or strenuous exercise should consult with your doctor first .


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