Tips on Choosing the Appropriate Bags Body Shape


In fact , the buyer a Cheap branded bags usually overlook the importance of these characteristics , but it does not affect the level of satisfaction in the buyer received , after the purchase . Seeing a woman with branded bags that are too small or too big for his body mass is always fun , am I right or wrong ? How is it possible to prevent the buyer to purchase the branded bags say they made mistakes in the shopping bag ?

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Well , this is just basic , take notice that the online world is now offering the best shopping tips and guide to the fashion lovers especially the branded bags that are sold online . For this reason , writing this guide to help women to choose the right size ladies handbag is a wise decision .

Only the tip of fashion for all women who want to look fabulous , one handbag is the element lead to disaster and ruin your fashion style . Therefore , if one ‘s goal is to look glamorous from head to toe , in the fashion of the biggest mistakes is to balance your fashion style , because it affects the overall appearance of a person .

For a woman to declare success in achieving balance in fashion , it is important to choose the right handbag that complement one’s outfit . Keep in mind that this does not ruin your signature style , because it is possible to elevate fashion in many ways , apart from the odd one’s fashion sense . Let’s look at how and why the size of the bag affects a person ‘s signature style .

1 : Basic rules for buying a branded bag perfect is to have a preference for a bag that is proportional to the figure of a person . The reason the woman is most important is that too often , the fashion chaos is the result of a balance that is not proportional , when they brought a bag lady . For this reason , contemplate the following tips are ways to avoid becoming a topic exemplary fashion for the wrong reasons .

For a woman whose waist is longer , compared with the average length of the waist , the best way to get the balance wear a bag with a hip length .

2 : Short – waist woman should choose a bag to wear down the hip . It aims to balance the upper body figure .

3 : A full-figured woman should wear a bag that ends below the hips or below the shoulders .

4 : Shape Full or pear-shaped women tend to look stunning in a bag that ends at the waist or under the arms .

5 : For women with large shoulder or breast , carrying a bag lady is an incredible way to balance a person’s figure . Handbags and shoulder bags tend to overwhelm other parts of the body , making them look bigger .

This article was made for all women , especially women Indonesia to be more intelligent in choosing a bag and carried the woman to be matched with the fashion style in which we know fashion or Korean clothes is one example of a very popular fashion trend in the fashion world .

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One comment on “Tips on Choosing the Appropriate Bags Body Shape

  1. These are great tips!! I see women with the wrong bags for their body all the time sadly. This definitely helps!!

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