Grosiran Tas Termurah Tanah Abang Online

Grosiran Tas Termurah Tanah Abang Online Needs of women will be so diverse fashion , clothing and accessories ranging from head to toe is also available throughout the world . Just choose whatever you want , now they can have it . Even as a little odd models were already available . However , alloys of clothing and accessories with the body shape that can sometimes be a problem for some women .

Not only clothing that must be adapted to the shape of the body in order to help create a look that fits the proportions , the selection of the portable bag also needs to be considered . Bag is an important part of fashion , although it seems not outfit , but the bag can not be separated from your overall appearance .

Because the bags are ‘ accessories ‘ which must be taken into account to support the appearance that you can be perfect , here are some guidelines to choose a bag according to your body shape .

hour glass
The advantages of this body shape is the charming waist curve . For menonjolkannya , you can choose the right bag that fall slightly below the waist . Bag with a medium size will make your body stay balanced proportions , while the bag is too small or too large will reduce the beauty of your curves are perfect .

If you have posture tall and skinny , then you could be carrying a bag of whatever model . But note also the size of the bag . For those who are tall and carrying a matching oversized bag to balance your height , while the bags are small or medium sized will make your body become more visible looming .

Short and contains
Even if you have a body that is self contained, avoid using oversized bags , even if you really like the model . Because of the shape of this bag will make your body become visible getting shorter . So , you should choose a bag with a small size , clutch , and purse size really fit with your body .

You are having a great body shape like this , it is better to avoid the selection of a small bag with a short strap . Because it is taboo for you who have a plus size body size . The model of this bag will make you look bigger. Try to choose a model bags that look thick and large , with a large size as well . With the right bag , the illusion of the proportion of the body can be present in the overall appearance of your fashion .

So , with the selection of bags that fit the shape of your body, your appearance with worn clothing will be the maximum .


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