Lime To Health

Lemon juice for the health benefits of the human body , you know that lemon juice has many benefits for the human body ? Okay , on this auspicious occasion we will discuss together about the benefits of lemon juice for us astray .
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Lime has long been used by our ancestors not only to the affairs of the kitchen but also for treating various diseases , to precede any health benefits of lemon juice for the following we present his review . happy reading .

How to use it , what other properties of lime ?

Benefits of Lime for Face

For your face is very nutritious lime juice , lime juice benefits provided are as follows :
1 . Make skin whiter
2 . Make skin more smooth
3 . Can beautify the skin
4 . Helpful tighten pores

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As I mentioned above , how to obtain the benefits of lemon juice to your face ? The recipe is as follows :
Split into two parts fresh lime juice . Then the meat in lemon juice rubbed into the wajag dull and rough . Hopefully by doing this regularly you will face more smooth , white and has a tight pores .

Lime Benefits for Beauty

Another benefit of lemon selan used for the face , proved beneficial for beauty . Lime helps make nails clean and bright . How to make your nails clean and bright is to use lemon juice is used to clean and scrub your nails are dull .

If you have greasy hair and dirty easily , you can use warm water mixed with lemon juice to wash it. This lime is beneficial to make your hair smooth , soft and shiny .

Eliminates dandruff with lemon can do by way of rubbing lemon juice into your scalp and wait for 20-30 minutes , then Wash . Scalp hair you will avoid dandruff , if you do this recipe as much as 2-3 times.

Savor Lime for Acne

Functionality or other benefits of lime is to deal with acne growing on the face , use lemon juice and honey as a mask . Of lime juice may reduce oil on the face , while honey has an antiseptic content beneficial to kill acne-causing bacteria.

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That lime juice for health benefits . amazing is not it? Lime that seem to have the privilege turned many health benefits .

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