High Protein for Diet

Most people want to lose weight by means of a diet high in protein . Diets high in protein are also considered good for a more ideal body shape . Of course the term , high-protein diet refers to the application of special diet , which tend to eat high-protein foods . However, the people who implement this diet should be keen in choosing the food menu will be eaten by him . They also can not be arbitrary to begin with and do this diet . It takes strict discipline at the same time the right food choices for maximum results without affecting the body’s health.

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High-protein diet is recommended
Here are some menus ideal high-protein foods recommended by dr . Nadia Octavia from KlikDokter.com , which are:

red meat
Red meat such as beef could be an option menu of this diet , but choose lean meat such as beef has deep, where the unsaturated fat content is much less . You are also advised to avoid processed meats.

white meat
White meat such as chicken or poultry has less fat than red meat . Then the meat is ideal to be involved in a high-protein diet that you do . However it is important to remember that the skin of white meat contains fat jenih , so you should avoid eating the skin.

Not only high in protein , fish have a low fat content . Although some fish such as tuna or salmon have high levels of fat , but the fat in question is the omega-3 fatty acids are actually beneficial to heart health.

Although it contains cholesterol , but eating one egg per day is safe enough for adults . If you like , you can eat egg whites only because they contain very high protein than the yolk contains cholesterol.

Tempeh and tofu is a vegetable protein source that is very good . Food – soy-based foods can help you to lose weight . Entering tempeh and tofu to the list of your daily diet is the right choice .

Eating 1 1/2 cups of nuts per day is equivalent to 3 grams of protein in steak . Nuts help you to feel full longer and helps lower cholesterol levels.

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dairy products
Milk and other dairy products such as yogurt and cheese are high in protein . In addition , food and beverage is also rich in calcium which is very good for the heart and bones . However , be sure to choose low-fat dairy products and low in calories so that your body’s health is maintained.

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