Serimpi dance

Serimpi dance is a dance palace that tells the conflict between good and evil . Dance created by lane V is considered sacred because it is only performed at certain times , such as when the arrival of the palace guests , special warnings , or if there are certain vows of the royal family . In fact , if there are people who want to perform this dance , must obtain permission from the royal family .

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In general , dance serimpi have various variants corresponding musical accompaniment. There pandelori serimpi dance , which dance music accompanied serimpi pandelori . Serimpi dance procession motorcade , which uses dance as a motorcade procession gising musical accompaniment . There are also dance serimpi ronggowati . Ronggowati name is not taken from the type of music that accompanies , but the name of the main character in the dance .

The story in dance serimpi ronggowati taken from Anglingdarmo fiber , which tells the King broken-hearted because Angling Dharmo widowed wife named Dewi Setiawati . King then ventured Darmo Angling and transformed into a white grouse . When wandering , white grouse was taken by a girl . At that moment, a grouse then transformed back into King Angling Darmo and they eventually fall in love .

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There are several requirements that must be met for a person who wants to diving the main character in serimpi ronggowati dance performances . The terms include children aged 7-13 years and not menstruating . This provision concerns the dance script that tells a little girl who loved to play and finally found the white grouse that was perched.

When viewed from history , dance serimpi originally staged by four dancers , but dance serimpi ronggowati have different provisions . This dance is performed five dancers , four men acting as guards and one person acting as Ronggowati.

Tata serimpi ronggowati dance stage using four pieces of property in the form of a flower pot on the right and left sides . While in the middle , there is a replica of the tree and the bird that symbolizes the embodiment of King Angling grouse Darmo.

The music that accompanies the dance serimpi ronggowati in general is tetawa drum , while the dancers makeup can follow the pattern of the bride’s makeup Sultan of Yogyakarta Sultanate.

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