Jogging Makes Smart People increasingly

Japan – Jogging or running well liked because it is easy to do and cheap. In addition to creating a healthy body , diligently doing jogging also can make people more intelligent .

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Some modern research has categorized jogging as a sport suitable for all age groups do , because it requires no equipment and special requirements to do so .

Not only that , the study also found that jogging is done regularly and consistently can also be brain exercises can improve intellectual ability .

” Jogging is not only beneficial for the muscles but also your brain , ” explains Dr. kisou Kubota , study leader of Nihon Fukushi University in Handa , Japan , as reported by Preventdisease , Thursday ( 30/12/2010 ) .

According to Dr. Kubota , the results showed that people who regularly jog may have improved memory , mental ability and cognitive function were significant . This exercise can also help memerangui depression .

In this study , Dr. Kubota team studied seven healthy young people to start jogging for 30 minutes , 2 to 3 times a week for at least 12 weeks .

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Each participant also underwent a series of complex computer -based tests , to compare the ability of memory before and after the program is done jogging .

The result , after 12 weeks of jogging , test scores are significantly increased . It shows that jogging not only provide health benefits to the body , but also in the brain .

The reason how this exercise can strengthen the mental acuity is not yet clear , but previous studies showed that jogging can maintain healthy blood flow and oxygen to protect the brain .

” One day the results of this study can help doctors and find ways that jogging exercise can help Alzheimer’s patients to improve cognitive function , ” concludes Dr. Kubota .


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