2014 is almost over , and fashion fans were competing to be the first to know about the fashion trend in 2013 in Indonesia . The Indonesian fashion designers have started to create designs that are expected to be the new trend next year , and some had already held a fashion show to present the overview of how roughly fashion models and colors that will be hits in 2014. Fashion designers like Ari Seputra , Era Soekamto and Tuty Cholid presents a variety of different styles that showed the hallmark of their own , but by looking design clothes which they contributed , there are some characteristics that we can mark as a fashion trend in 2014 in Indonesia .

Tas Wanita

Bright colors

Forget color – neutral and muted colors like gray , black , white and dark chocolate ; clothing color trends 2014 bright colors are combined such that the visible slick is seen . It also supports the fact that many countries have a fashion mecca like the United States , France and Italy have 4 seasons , so they will soon enter the spring where vibrant colors will dominate the fashion scene . Latest draft Era Soekamto and Valentino Napitupulu demonstrate this ; their design is dominated by pastel colors and bright colors like orange , red and pink .

Ethnic appearance still favored

Currently , batik fabrics and traditional woven from various parts of Indonesia are popular among designers and lovers of high fashion in different countries , so you as a fan of fashion in Indonesia is more profitable because it has closer access to such fabrics . 2014 fashion trend ethnic theme blends nicely with modern elements such as ticks modern kebaya tops with subordinate light-colored long skirt or dress works Soekamto era of asymmetrical woven fabric combined Napier Indian sari Carmanita work . Tuty Cholid did not hesitate to experiment with a variety of abaya for evening dresses .

Tas Wanita

Older models in new era

Style of dress glamorous style in the 20s to 60s translated back into the clothes in the era of 2013 and 2014 . Designers Yong Budisutisna translating style in this old age into the model flapper dress and white accents on the chest is made of acrylic .

Tas Wanita

Accessories are standout

2014 fashion trend accessories back menonjokkan also prominent in both color and accents , such as accented hats , belts ethnicity , long earrings and so on . For example , Yong Budisutisna accessories that include style sailor on the dresses in 60’s design resembles a ribbon tie sailors knots and pointy -toed shoes , but with a bright red color . Belts inspired from various Indonesian traditional clothing can also be used to complement the modern style evening dress overalls so it looks unique and classy .

Tas Wanita

Although the new 2014 fashion trend highlighted by the designer gowns shown in a fashion show event , does not mean you can not adapt themselves above the various trends . Try tucking bright colors in your everyday clothing , such as shirts satin red or pink color in the work suits , dresses with beaded accessories made ​​of fabric or woven and ethnic belts for formal evening events , the skirt of woven fabric with superior polo shirt to go to college as well as pastel -colored shoes and bags to be combined with casual clothes .

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Tas Wanita

Tas Wanita


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