Dance Culture in Indonesia

Culture article is an article that discusses a variety of things about the culture in the community . Article cultures can certainly give us enlightenment challenge things that relate to culture . As we all know that culture is very important for national identity . Here we present article tang dance culture dance challenge in culture indonesia.

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Dance Culture in Indonesia

Indonesian dance reflects the richness and diversity of tribes and culture of Indonesia . There are more than 700 ethnic groups in Indonesia : cultural roots can be seen from Austronesian and Melanesian peoples , influenced by the various cultures of neighboring countries in Asia and even Western influence is absorbed through colonization . Every tribe in Indonesia has its own particular variety of dance ; In Indonesia there are more than 3000 Indonesian original dances . Ancient tradition of dance and drama conserved in various dance studios and schools that are protected by the palace or government -run art academies .

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For classification purposes , the art of dance in Indonesia can be classified into various categories . In the category of history , Indonesian dance can be divided into three eras: the era of prehistoric tribal , Hindu – Buddhist era , and the era of Islam . Based protectors and supporters , can be divided into two groups , dance palace ( palace dance ) which supported the nobility, and folk dance that grew out of the common people . By tradition , Indonesian dances are divided into two groups: traditional dance and contemporary dance .

Thus our review of article culture . Above we have reviewed in brief article in Indonesian culture dance dance .

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