Charm tribes and languages ​​Indonesia

Indonesia is known to have a lot of tribes , approximately 1,340 tribes scattered across the archipelago , a lot of uniqueness that comes up with the diversity of tribes and languages ​​in Indonesia , among others, we can find out the uniqueness in the way they communicate with different languages ​​and different regional dialects , how exposed their customary habits and how they preserve their culture and customs , they are a diverse ethnic and language unique to scrutiny .

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Cultural charm

Culture can be defined as things related to the mind and human reason . Indonesian culture is very interesting and alluring in the eyes of the world . How could I not ! Sense and wisdom of the Indonesian population is very creative and innovative culture could produce a lot of high artistic value and appreciated by the International . Batik is an example of the most common , other than being a characteristic of the traditional clothing of Indonesia’s population , has now become one of the fashion batik used for international fashion . How great culture of Indonesian fashion !

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Indonesian culture does not stop there , the cultural wealth of traditional dishes that are rich scent of natural Indonesian spices , traditional custom homes are loaded with a variety of traditional motifs as an expression of the unique and rich culture of the population , the wealth of traditional Indonesian music that is calming , harmony dances full of stories , customs and peculiarities of the country that all the uniqueness and splendor of coloring Indonesian culture .

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