Losses have a beautiful girlfriend

How lucky for you a man who has a girlfriend with a beautiful face . It always makes you feel confident even make you a most fortunate man . However , do you know that going out with a beautiful woman it also has some disadvantages . What are the losses – these losses .

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Now we present some disadvantages dating the beautiful women in the following explanation :

1 . The first disadvantage is the cost of treatment if you are going out with a beautiful woman that is to be able to care costs . Basically it’s a beautiful woman spent more time as a beauty treatment . Well , that’s pretty much done by women , because he has beauty as well as the cost of treatment which he did .

2 . More Possessive Losses dating beautiful women can also make you more possessive properties . Why is that ? because a man who has been dating beautiful women sometimes are afraid to lose . This is what makes you as a possessive man . On the other hand women do not like men who are too possessive . This is what sometimes makes you tipped tumultuous relationship .

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3 . Fighting With Another Man Loses dating beautiful women are also often connect you to a fight with another man . This sometimes happens when there is often little misunderstanding . Where beautiful women sometimes more frequently teased denagn another man . This is what triggers a perkeahian .

4 . Fear Excessive Excessive fear is also one of the losses you are dating a beautiful woman . This happens because you already feel as the luckiest man , so it makes you scared to lose him and you’re scared even if the nature or behavior you can make him move away from you .

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5 . Feeling of Inferiority Feeling of inferiority is also often the case when you ‘re walking with him . Where the he is so pretty and looks more high class. So you are feeling as the ordinary man feel inferior . But do not worry , while you are not embarrassed – maluin taken relaxed aja . In fact, you should show that you are the luckiest man can get a beautiful woman .
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