Top Tips In Fashion

Belanja Tas

Belanja Tas

Top Tips In Fashion – Along the development era since now more advanced and continues to grow more sophisticated , what with the name of the Latest Fashion Trend 2013 now . All styles update every time , here are some special tips for you who always wanted berpnampilan fashionable .

1 . Select Clothing Based on Body Shape

No body shape is absolutely perfect , and there is also no bad shape . You should consider is to know your body shape ! Not that you have a body shape that is not okay , but the use of fashion items that fit the shape of your body will make the appearance more attractive .

2 . Choose a Model Asymmetric Vertical Or To The impression Slim

To give the impression slim , you can choose a dress with a pattern of vertical line or a dress with asymmetrical models .

3 . It has a Compulsory Belt

The belt can be a fashion item that saves you . In addition as a sweetener , a belt can give the impression of longer legs and certainly gives a perfect shape indentation at the waist .

4 . Do not Buy Just Because Offers

Often event discounts on various items of fashion make her dark eyes and buy when the majority home never wear them in the future . When you are going to buy clothes or other fashion items , be sure you know the fashion will combine items in your wardrobe .

5 . Mandatory Have Accessories

Accessories no longer be a costly item . Therefore , you are required to have various types of accessories . Start of colorful casual accessories , up to attend a formal event accessories . Your appearance will be more charming with the right accessories , and you definitely do not want to get confused when trying to come to an event but do not have the right accessories .

6 . Clothes In The Pas

Was wearing a dress that expensive but looks okay and ‘ bumps ‘ are unsightly on the chest or back . Or .. Your panty line printed on the perfect dress or pants .. it is a big disaster . Always wear clothes in the right size , because of the perfect appearance is always started from the ‘ inside ‘ .

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Belanja Tas

Belanja Tas

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